Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Downside of December

I recently read a new post by Mel over at Tall Mom on the Run. It was a very honest and hard look at weight and weight loss. It was so refreshing to read something that I myself have always struggled with, but at the end didn't offer to sell me anything or promise a quick-fix. Her post was about the roller coaster ride of weight loss. How there are ups and downs and no sooner you think you got this weight thing under control, it completely crumbles, much like the cookies you shoved in your mouth.

Usually this time of year brings me to thoughts of baking and eating all the wonderful delights of the holidays. It also reminds me how frustrated I feel when my clothes don't fit on Christmas morning. I try hard to keep a steady routine of somewhat healthy food and regular exercise. Running has helped me forget about the calorie counting and just enjoy being healthy. I've fallen off the running habit since June and have struggled to get motivated ever since. Combine that with the extra Halloween candy and birthday cake around here, and it's just a recipe for disaster.

Last year at this time I was determined to not feel the crappy, over stuffed, bloated feeling at Christmas and vowed to exercise everyday of December for 30 mins a day. And I did! Including Christmas day. In the end, I tweaked a hamstring and am still dealing with that issue today...a year later! Lesson learned.

Although I'm not in the commitment mood of late, I have made a conscious effort to scale back on the treats over the next month. That is, I will view baked goods, cookies, pies and cakes for what they are...treats. As opposed to how I normally view vitamins. Taken twice a day with tea.

My daily fix
As well, I hope to step up the exercise. If anything, it just might make me feel better when the stress of the holidays really takes flight (in about a week from now).

I don't think December is the perfect time to start a challenging weight loss program. I do think it's a great time to think about the accomplishments over the past year and think about the great things to come in the new year.

I don't want to drown all my hard work throughout 2011 in mugs full of mint hot chocolate.
I do want to start 2012 on the right foot, preferably wearing running shoes and heading out the front door.

Monday, October 3, 2011


The start of a new month has all the potential of the start of a new year. As we turn the page on the calendar we are faced with blank pages, pages that are just waiting to be filled with adventure and excitement. Okay maybe that is a little dramatic, my life if not that exciting. But those blank pages have the potential to hold some great stuff.

The first major event on my calendar is Thanksgiving, coming up this weekend. This is one of my most favourite holidays. There are so many reasons why this holiday is my favourite, and here is a list of some of the reasons I am thankful for Thanksgiving.

1)      The food: any holiday that is focused purely on eating gains big points in my books. This is a kind of funny cause I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years and have only recently started incorporating meat into my diet. One of my first memories of turkey dinner was only about 5 years ago. I have seen the light (and dark) on turkey meat…I love it. Add with it some creamy mashed potatoes, crisp veggies, sweet potatoes and of course cranberry sauce and I’m in heaven. Once I’ve eaten to my stomach’s content I push it a little further to indulge in pumpkin pie with whip cream. Just writing about this is making my mouth water.The benefit of having two very large extended families is that I get to enjoy this meal, not just once but twice in one weekend…oh bliss. This food binge is also the beginning of the end for me in terms of eating healthy. It’s a slippery slope from healthy turkey dinner to Halloween chocolates to Christmas shortbread.

2)      Days off: We get a long weekend to spend time with family. This year I even took of the Friday before the weekend to make it extra long so I am extra thankful. It also gives me a day to spend with the kids without the extra family commitments. It also gives us an extra day to do other stuff, which leads me to the next point...

3)      Fall festivals: There is just something about strolling around craft shows in the fall. Because Thanksgiving weekend is earlier in the fall, the weather is usually quite pleasant for being outside. If it doesn’t rain, it’s the perfect weather for walking the craft shows with hot chocolate in hand and eating warm apple fritters. I always have the intention of starting my Christmas shopping early at these craft show, but I almost always come home empty-handed. Most of the purchases are edible. I used to enjoy these shows with girlfriends, relishing the grown-up free time. But last year I brought my kids and we had a great time. They are natural born shoppers and love looking at all the pretty trinkets and jewellery. I just have to rein them in on the spending. Look don’t touch is a repetitive mantra for the day.

4)      The weather: as mentioned about it is usually the perfect temperature for outdoor fall activities such as hiking, pumpkin patches, apple picking and running. I can usually get in one run in mostly because there is an extra day I can sneak away from the family for some much needed alone time. It’s also motivating to get out before or after the over indulgence to work off the food hangover(s). I'm also grateful to live in an area of Canada that experiences four distinct seasons. So we get a wall of beautiful fall colours, just stone throw away from our house. There are also hiking trails, vineyards in full harvest and roadside markets....ahhh home.

5)      Thankfulness: The truth is that it’s not often I take the time to truly reflect on all things I am thankful for. This one weekend a year it’s front and centre. I have so much to be thankful for, family being a big one, health being another big one. I am able to celebrate all of these things in one weekend…and I don’t have to buy anyone gifts, or decorate my house, or bake cookies etc., etc. That alone is worth being thankful.

So what will you be thankful for this coming weekend??

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm So Lucky...

I get to be Mom to the most wonderful six-year old in the world!

Happy Birthday to my baby!

You are the most joyful, funny, spontaneous, thoughtful and crazy kid I know!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I found this on Running, and What Not I thought it was pretty cute and an easy way to get something written on my blog this week. I seem to have been lacking of things to say so this kinda stuff is fun!

Here goes:

If I were to get pregnant again :: I'd cry...sad I know, but that time is done for me.
If I could have any job in the world ::I'd still do something with writing, but with a little more flexibility and creativity.
If I had a day to myself :: I would SLEEP IN. I’d go on a run, take a long shower… I honestly don’t know what I would do. I stole that exact sentence from thoughts were exactly that. In fact I gave up a vacation day this month because I had no plans!!
If I could get married all over again :: I would elope! Just me and my hubby in some great tropical locale. No crazy wedding stress.
If I could live anywhere in the US :: I'll change this to Canada, since I haven't really been many places in the US (or Canada really) I think I would live out on the east coast...the sea, cooler temps, the laid-back attitude and seafood!
If my girls would have been a boys :: My house would have a lot less pink stuff and I would probably be spending a lot of time at the hockey arena.
If I could have any talent in the world :: I would like to be more musical, learn an instrument or two.
If you met me in real life you would probably say :: You're shorter than I thought you would be!
If I could go back to school and get a different degree :: I'd get into Sport Management. At the time I did my degree this was new and I wasn't really into sports. However, I ended up in Health Studies with a post-grad in PR so Sport Mang. would've been a great start and probably saved me a year in school.
If money were not an object :: We would live in a bigger home.
If I could meet one celebrity :: Hmmm...this is my crazy coming out but...Courtney Love...she's nuts, it would probably be an interesting conversation.
If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life :: Smart Set, because I worked there for over 10 years, it's been good to me and all the clothes fit me well and are priced right ;)
If we get another pet :: We don't even have one now, and there will not be any in the near future.
If I could go on a trip, RIGHT NOW :: Iceland.
If I had to chose between a house cleaner and a personal chef :: House cleaner, still working on convincing Mr. B we need one.
If I had the option of plastic surgery ::Where to start? Laser eye surgery would be up there and a boob reduction, but that would be for running reasons only, seems a little selfish.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Something's different...

Here's just the random thoughts that are going on in my head right now:

1) Somehow I've managed to 'skip' over a month of running. I'm not sure exactly how this happened. Not only have I not run in a long time but I also have completely abandoned any type of physical exercise. I made a decision each and every day to NOT move my body. And now the regret is sinking in. Specifically sinking into my lower, I've been sore. Not the good muscle sore you get from a workout, but a wow! my body feels like shit, kinda sore.

2) That being said, yesterday I went for a run. I left the kids at dance class and headed out for an easy run with me, myself and my ipod. I had a great first 20mins. Then the second 20mins were a little rough. Figures that I can't just pick up where I left off a month ago. Funny how that happens. Anyway, glad I did it and hopefully its the start of something good.

3) Have you seen Google+ yet? I just discovered this the other day, now that it's open to the public. I'm not sure what I think but I do like the reader component. I get all my blog updates in larger teaser format. Even Blogger has changed. Not quite as pretty as it was before, but it seems to have all the functions I need. I guess I'll know more if I actually start blogging more again.

4) I'm addicted to tv again! The start of the new shows and the return of old favourites has reminded me of why I find it so hard to get off the couch in the winter...specifically because of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and the cast of Modern Family. I miss good tv. This summer I only had True Blood to look forward to and that was just a huge, season-long, blood splattered let down.

5) The kids are back in school. This week Dee tried out for cross-country!! I was thrilled, but tried hard not to push too hard. We went to the school yard for our own 'practice', so she had an idea of the distance and pace. She has had three try-out days and another next week. I still don't know if she has made the team? I was impressed that the running has started at a 1min. run/1 min. walk pace. So exciting! I have visions of us doing trail runs together...okay maybe I'm getting ahead of myself a bit.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Won!!

Can I just say how much I LOOOVVVEE blog giveaways. Just by simply being a regular reader you can win all sorts of fun stuff.

Today I won the 'Reader Appreciation' Giveaway from Zoe at Run, Zoe, Run! She was just givin' away some free stuff. I won a summertime care package that may have included something about 'Peep' flavoured lipbalm. I think my kids are going to fight over that one.

If you get a chance, check out Zoe's blog. Great running and mom related stuff, with the occassional cute picture of her new baby, Goober. She's soooo cute. Kinda brings me back to those baby days, well, just briefly. I got interested in Zoe's blog because she was relating her stories of running while pregnant. I was not a runner until after my babes, but I have great respect for those moms-to-be that can haul the extra weight out around the block, or even out of bed!

Speaking of giveaways, Coach Kelly, over at Secrets of a Running Mom,  is hosting an awesome giveaway right now for a FREE RoadID. RoadID are custom made bands for wrist/ankle/shoe etc, that have your important information engraved on it. This is great for the (oh, it will never happen to me) moments when you can't speak for yourself. Great for runners/cyclists/kids/teens/elderly...really anyone.

But please, don't sign up for the giveaway, I want to win a RoadID for myself...'cause I'm selfish that way!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sir, Yes Sir!!

A new dance and fitness studio opened up in town and I thought I should check out the dance lessons for the girls. The conversation went from dance to fitness and the new classes they would be offering. The Bootcamp class peaked my interest as I've always thought it would a great way to get in shape by having someone yell at me.

The instructor offered me a free trial on Saturday morning to check out the class and see what I thought. I debated even going as we had company over the night before I have no self control when it came to the Smirnoff Cranberry-Lime coolers. But come 7:30am I managed to crawl out of bed, pop some Advil and headed to the studio.
I met one of the other ladies in the lobby.

Me: So you've done this for a few weeks now?
Her: No, last week, was the first class...I was sore until Wednesday.

Photo credit

Now, I think I'm in pretty good shape, but I don't really push myself that hard when I work out. I tend to stop before it hurts. My reps top out at 10, maybe 12 if I feel really good. I get a good 'tired' muscle feel the next day, but that's about it. I don't think I thought this through.

The class was small, only four of us, of course it was new so not many people know about the place yet. However, this also meant there was no place to hide. Our instructor, Kevin, was also keen on making sure I enjoyed (and hated) the class to sell me on it, so I really wasn't hiding at all!

The warm up was:
1 minute skipping + 1 min jumping jacks: rep. 4 times

That got our heart rate up, but nothing too crazy...bring it on!!!

Next set was:
18 (yes, 18) push-ups + 18 crunches: no resting
What I didn't understand was that we were to work our way down from 18. So the next set of each exercise was 17, the 16, then get it...I didn't. I did like 5 sets of 18' arms were like Jello. I clued in when everyone else seemed to be flipping to crunches so quickly. I had to ask what I was doing wrong. Apparently I'm a push-up rockstar. But my arms were fried for the rest of the class, another hour and 1/2 of torture which included:

5 reps of 1 min planks + 1min mountain climbers
4 reps of 'bear crawls' + 4 reps of crab walks
24 x 4 reps of squats +alternate lunge+ jump squats + jump lunge
3min wall sits (which I was last to bow out and won me a free pass on the burpies)
10 burpies (everyone else had to do 30)

Just writing all this is tiring my arms. I am sooooo sore. I was sore yesterday afterward. I couldn't even shave my armpits in the shower (sorry hubby). I had to get my daughter to do up my bra.
I rode the bike today to get loosened up again and that seemed to help my legs, but my arms...oh my arms. I didn't know I could work my body like that.

After the class Kevin asked if I did any other exercise. I told him I run regularly. He said that my legs should be okay, but I'll feel it in my upper body. True that, Kev, true that.

So the verdict:
I love that I can be worked that hard. I would never push myself like that if it wasn't for someone else. I think I will wait to take the full class until winter. The fall is so nice to still run outside. In the winter is when I might need an extra kick in the pants to get moving. I will not drink alcohol the night before and I will get at least 7 hours of sleep. I think.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tiny Brick

I'm not even sure if it qualifies as a brick at all, it's just so small...

Last night the kids were sleeping over at Grandma's so Mr. B and I had a nice grown up dinner. Afterwards we didn't really have plans and no kids so I did what every sane mother of two kids would do....

I went for a run!

I headed out at about 7:30pm, which is earlier than I normally would with the kids at home (after bedtime of course). It was so nice out, warm but not too humid, daylight but not sunny, sun slowly starting to drip down the skyline. As beautiful as it was I just wasn't feeling the run.

I promised myself to be out for at least 20mins, but at about 5 mins in I realized I reeeaaallllyyy had to go pee. For those of you who know me, your probably are not surprised by this and even wonder how I function during the day without going to the bathroom every 5 mins. However, it was just the excuse I needed to head back home early.

I came home, made my 'pit stop' and immediately headed out again, but this time on my bike! That's right, I'm hard core like that. I strapped on my helmet and rode that baby up some serious hills. Things you should know:
1) Mr. B 'surprised' me with the bike a couple years ago after he found it by the dumpster at work
2) The last bike ride I took was last month with Mr. B
3) The time before that was about, oh...20 years ago!!!

I don't what I was thinking, but I sure did like the change of pace, a much faster pace too. Bikes go really fast downhill!

So that was my brick...15min run + 20 min bike ride

I even considered going for another run after I got back on the bike, but then I opted to try walking to the mailbox first and realized my legs were not ready for a duathlon...yet!!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday

Here are the latest diddy's I can't seem to get out of my head....

Foo Fighters: Walk

Okay...I have officially been 'Foo'-ed. I have never been a huge Foo fan, but one listen and you can't help but join the following. These guys know how to rock! The middle section of the song when he wails..."I never wanna die, I'm on my knees, I never wanna die..."  intense!!!
I have always had respect for Dave Grohl since his Nirvana days. It's only taken me , like 15 years to figure out he's still got it. Recently, Mr. B and I found the Foo Fighter documentry on cable and good sucked into the story of the band. There is some serious history with these boys and it's great to see them all grown up with responsibilites like wives and kids but still have an edge to them. I have found myself revisiting old Foo songs to find that same edge that I may have overlooked before. If you like this, check out Learning to Fly and The Best of You.
Bonus: Foo Fighter videos...these guys have a great sense of humour. As gritty and raw their songs are their videos are funny and lightweight. You can tell they just like to play music and have a good time. The Learning to Fly video is worth watching just for the characters all the band members play.

Arkells: Whistleblower

This is a great song from a Canadian band from Hamilton, ON. I swear, great music lives down the street from me! I've been impressed with most of the stuff I've heard from them the past couple years. I don't know too much about them, but if you like this, check out: "Oh, the Boss is coming" which is on replay when I run and "Pulling Punches", which has a great beat for keeping a good pace.  Sorry about the video on this song, I guess they don't have an 'official' video on Youtube yet.

The Reason: Where do we go from here?

And yet another Hamilton, On band making waves in the music scene. They're getting some good airplay on our Toronto station and I'm okay with that. I can't get enough of this song. I look forward to other stuff they might have coming out. But this song, well it's just awesome. It's catchy and I love the lyrics, kinda running related...'where do we go from here...we trudge along, the only road we know...' I guess any song can be turned into a running related song if you think hard enough.

That's all I got for now....what's new on your playlist?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In the blog world, being tagged is like getting a chain mail letter. In some ways its a little dreadful, because you feel obligated to do it. But on the other hand, you are pleased that someone remembered your name and thought to put you on their 'tag' list.

So, with special thanks to Sandy at Sassy Runner Girl...I've been TAGGED!!  Actually I'm grateful because I've been struggling with a new post idea but I'm not ready to get all deep on ya'll just now. I'll save it and do this instead.

The deal is this:

I got tagged to come up with 7 links off my own blog that fall within the pre-determined categories. I'm also supposed to tag some other bloggers, but this has been going around so I'm afraid of double tagging. Plus if you read this you might have an idea of how well I do at these things.

I've had a hard time answering some of these. I don't feel my blog has generated enough attention to be helpful or controversial...I'll be faking some stuff.

And now on with the task at hand:

Most Beautiful: Post One
I think this is just a reminder of why I started this thing. I haven't gone back to read it for a while, but I should in order to keep focus.
Most Popular: Bitch'n Kitchen
I'm not sure why this was popular. I think it has something to do with the catching title, or the picture of the homemade lasagna. I'll have to post more food pics to get attention I guess.

Most Helpful: ABC's of Me
It's probably more informative than helpful. This was a fun 'tag' that had me talking a little bit more about myself.

Surprise Success: Running Like a Mother
I actually got a comment from SBS herself!! I was (and still am) very happy about the surprise reader. Although I never did get that shirt :(
I'm just proud of the race, not necessarily the post. 10 miles in my back pocket and proud to tell the world about it.

Most Controversial: Break's Over Back to Work
Again, not really controversial, just got some good feedback from readers.

I just thought that announcing my personal running goals in a public forum (albeit a local newspaper) would've generated more attention. That's all.

Okay so that's my list. What do you think? I'm curious about my readers thoughts about past posts. What have you enjoyed most? What do you want to hear/see more of? Any feedback is great! Maybe I can even come up with something controversial for the next time one of these lists comes floating along.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a Sign

So in my last post I was waffling (mmm...waffles) on the idea of running a half marathon this fall. In the time that has passed since that post this is what has happened:

I decided to find a training plan and sign up for a race in September!!


I decided to scrap the whole idea and just keep running for the 'fun' of it!!!


I started reading the fabulous blog ladies I follow and was inspired by their recent accomplishments. Particularly Sandi at Sassy Runner Girl, who ran the Twenty Valley 1/2, which was down the street from my house.


I talked to someone at work who said "Don't run a 1/2 marathon, that's just crazy, why would you do that?"  Note to not ask non-runners for running advice (unless they are family).

Then....I got a sign....Ahhha--hhhhaaa moment...

 in the form of Runner's World Magazine.
The focus of the issue was 1/2 convenient. It has an basic 10 week rookie training plan and great tips on getting into the training. The kicker was the article by Marc Parent.

Sidebar: I ♥ Marc Parent...I don't actually know him, but I've followed his 'Newbie Chronicles' for the past couple years and he is so open and honest about being a new runner that I just immediately fell for his written word. I teared up when I read about him running with his son and I cheered him on as he tackled his first 5 miles. Also, being new to writing, I've been aware of writers I truly admire and I love his work. Take a moment to read a piece or two of his...very funny.

So Marc's article is about taking on the half. The whole first paragraph is about running a half marathon, well, no, trying to run a half marathon. It truly spoke to me. I think I want to virtually run my 1/2 along with Marc. I feel we are on the same page...pun totally intended.

So I was all inspired to start my training this week. I met my Fast Friend for a 6am run on Tuesday and got 6K in.
Run one...check.

Then the earth opened up and the fire's of hell have come to ruin my plans. This week has been the hottest week on record of all time. I know there are many of you out there dealing with this heatwave as well, so I know you sympathize. But why, oh, why am I actually interested in running now that the temperatures are unsafe?? Am I sabotaging my own plan here, did I do this on purpose...I wonder??

Anyway, the week remains at a total of 6kms run..

So, the question I keep attempting this 1/2 marathon training or call it a loss and wait for cooler temperatures again?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wishy Washy

I just can't seem to make up my mind about committing to another distance race this year. As the year started out I was very eager and ambitious..the Year of the Race! I thought I would be able to keep the excitement all year long.
Well, six months later the excitement is nowhere to be found. It seems to have melted into the humidity. I was originally thinking that this year would be when I finally tackled the half marathon. After successfully training and running a 10 miler I know that I can do the 13.1's just I don't know if I want to.

All smiles after 10 miles...seems sooo long ago!

 I keep flip-flopping on this subject that even I'm sick of it. The thing is I am now 11 weeks away from the race I want to do, so it's do or die...kinda. Not to be overly dramatic but I should really commit to this thing to allow for the best training possible. Considering the lousy 5K I just ran tonight, I'm going to need as much time to train as possible. I have seriously decreased my distance and now 5Ks are about all I can (or want) to manage. I do tend to intervals while running them, but still, the distance isn't there.

PROS of running a half marathon in September:
  • Great time of year (not too hot not too cold...juussst right)
  • Great race (the Run for the Grapes is a tradition in my hometown and I've never toed the line at the half)
  • Great friends (I might be able to convince a few friends to join know who you are!!)
  • Great goal (accomplishing a 1/2 is a great motivator to get my butt back in gear)
  • Get it done (cross that baby off my list)

CONS of running a half marathon in September:
  • It's a HALF MARATHON!!! (that's just crazy... that's 21.1 kms kids)
  • The training (the long lonely runs, the training committment, the loss family time in the summer)
  • The training (it's hard..I have to say it twice)
  • The support (or lack there of, I'm worried about doing this without a coach and no kick in the pants)
  • The timing (as I mentioned above, it's only 11 weeks I pushing it?)
  • The nerve! (seriously, this sciatic nerve thing could flare up again, right now it's under minimal control)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? I know a lot of you ladies have experience with this so give me your best.

To run a half or not to run?...that is the question.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday

When we last left our heroine, she was bravely embracing the early morning run, a true test of strength and ability, but a challenge that was worth the reward....

In all seriousness, my early runs continue to be quite (and quiet) enjoyable. But since I run in morning and don't feel there is a strong 'witness' presence, I err on the side of caution and chose to run sans music. In one way I'm staying safe and alert, well, as alert as I can possibly be at 6am. In another way I'm not cluttering my mind with groovy tunes, but instead I'm absorbing the early morning ambiance. The birds singing mainly, but there is also the absence of other sounds...lawnmowers, motorcycles, my children get the picture.

So, that being said, my runs that have included music have been almost like a mid-week beer on a Wednesday! To make my treat extra special I've recently loaded up on some new tunes to help me through the tough parts.

Here's what currently gets my engine runnin':

Two Door Cinema Club: What you want
This song just makes me want to dance,  when I first heard it I actually reverted back to my dance lesson days and did a step together move...much like the dancers in the video.

City and Color: Fragile Bird

For those of you who know. Mr. Green does it again and this new album delivers. I love the groove, the lyrics and his voice. Apparently I'm not the only one...the album is #1 in Canada and in Australia.

The Sheepdogs: I don't know

These are a Canadian band that have gained attention through the Rolling Stone contest. This crazy group of long-haired-hippy-freaks could be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine if they get enough votes. They deserve it, on this song alone. It's a true summertime song, perfect for sitting on the back deck, sippin' a cold one. I don't know what it is about summer that taps into my inner 70's child...
but I love this song! If you do too...go vote for these guys.

What's new on your playlist?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Embracing the a.m.

I never thought it could happen to me...the ability to wake up before I really have to just to go for a run...and enjoying it.

I've done it once or twice before, when I was completely time crunched and determined to stick to a training schedule, I've resorted to rolling out of bed before dawn and getting it done. But never have I ever thought of doing the early morning run in 'just because'.

In the last two weeks I have managed to get majority of my runs in the early morning. I'm not on a training schedule right now, just trying to get 3-4 runs/week in, so why oh why would I get up so darn early to do it?? It started with the heat wave a couple weeks ago, knowing that 7pm would still be very uncomfortable and humid. Also the girls started swimming lessons last week so my evenings are extra busy.  So the early a.m. was the best solution.
Now I know some of you consider early to be pre-dawn (before the sun rises). For me early is 6am, I am out the door by 6:00am, the sun is on its way up but there is a stillness in the air as the day wipes the sleep from its eyes.

Surprisingly I have come to enjoy these runs for a few reasons. And here they are (in particular order):
  • it's quiet, not that I really need quiet space to run, but I do like that there aren't many people out to watch me huff and puff down the street
  • everyone that is out in the early a.m.seems to be very friendly. I think there is a common feeling of 'hey, you got out of bed early too, good on you' kinda feeling. Everyone says good morning and actually mean is a good morning.
  • in the same line, I feel that there are  pre-dawn rituals that I'm now privy to. For example, I notice the regulars that get their Tim Horton's coffee bright and early. I watch as the town trucks water the streetlamp floral baskets, creating mini showers along the route. I also notice the committed pet owners that take actually pick up their dog's business.
  • I now love the feeling of finishing a run with an even greater feeling of accomplishment, for starting my day early and getting it done.
  • I also love that when I'm done and come home, Mr. B has made coffee and we get about two minutes together to say 'hi' and 'bye' before he is out the door for work. Usually we never see each other in the morning at all, so it's nice to have a moment in a quiet house, even if it is brief.
  • I really love that at the end of the day of work I know that I don't have to 'fit' a run in...I'm already done for the day...ahhhh.
It's hard to get out bed, but if I don't think about it too much and just move when the alarm goes off, I'm so much better for it. The real downside is having to get to bed by 10pm!

Good night!

Monday, June 6, 2011

OK...Breaks Over....Back to Work

Somehow I've managed to take an elongated break from all things running, including my blog. So sorry blog, I really do love you, but we just needed a break. It's not's me...really. I thought we ran out of things to talk about. Turns out I was just stifling my feelings....anyway....

What's up??
In the past few weeks I have:
  • 'recovered' from my 5K PR (in case you didn't hear, I ran a 27.02...ahem)
  • experienced running in icy torrential rains and sweltering heat all in the same week
  • managed an escape vacation with the husband
  • got in the first round of golf for the season (only 9 holes in puddled course)
  • started the kids in swimming lessons
  • took a week off of running (no joke)
  • went to my very first physiotherapy appointment

The only thing I'll expand on now is the physio. I felt like a 'real' runner when I walked in, they quickly realized that this is sooo not cool. I quietly have been hiding the fact that my right leg has been achin' and botherin' since, well, oh, maybe February. It started as very minor and the only time it bothered me was when I was driving. So I really didn't think it had anything to do with the extra mileage I was piling on in my training through the snow and ice...really I didn't.
So ignorance is not complete's ignorant. My leg now bothers me pretty much all the time. The mornings are good, but usually the ache creeps in by lunchtime.

Long story short, physiotherapist...believes I have a pinched or compressed nerve in my back/hip area and is irritated.The good news: I don't have to stop running at all. In fact running makes it feel good, cause I get to move it. It bothers me most when I'm stationary, like driving or at work...figures. Dan set me up with four exercises to do at home and work, which should help move things and reduce the pain. He said it should go away...eventually. I keep a good stash of Advil around, so I'm doing just fine for now.

The other news is that after a short hiatus completely off running, I'm back at it but I've pretty much abandoned all my summer race plans. I thought I would race every month and now I'm just not interested. On top of the race schedule being completely squashed, I'm completely behind in my year end goal to run 1,011kms...but I'm not that worried about it.

Is that bad? Have I lost my ambition? I don't even know if I want to do a 1/2 this year anymore...what's happening to me? I figured if I just keep trekking, getting out there, hitting the pavement, just 'doing' it.... then I'll get it back again. This week I managed 20K and did most of it during 6am runs during the week. Surprisingly, they were the best runs in a long time. I think I just found my inner morning person...well, maybe...I'll let you know at 5:50am tomorrow when my alarm goes off.

Question:What time does your alarm go off on Tuesdays? (or any other day)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Race Report: Confederation 5K

As I mentioned in my last post I had high hopes for this race. After training right through the winter for a 10 mile I figured a 3.1 miler was in the bag. Or not. I was stressed that the two weeks between the races didn't prepare me well for making (personal) history on the course.

I got the best advice from follower Sandy at Sassy Runner Girl. She advised me to not worry about my time and enjoy the race with my sis. Good advice. Once a read that I was instantly releived. Why do I put so much pressure on myself?? I'm not going to win the race (as much as my children believe I will).

With a new mindset I was ready to tackle the course and let whatever happens, happen. Well, let me tell you it happened alright!

My plan was to start faster than I usually do. I know this goes against everything that everyone in the history of running has ever learned about racing, but I am pokey off the start and I never seem to make up the time. So, since I wasn't taking the race too seriously I thought 'hey, why not try running fast at the start'. I fully realized I could be walking (or limping) by 2K but I gave it a shot.

Coach Kelly had given me a plan to try and it included the first K at around a 5min/km....WTF?!? I've never done anything like that before. I aimed for a 5:20ish start. And at the 1K mark I looked at my watch and saw...
0:00...I forgot to start my timer :( Sad to say this is not the first time this has happened in a race.

So now I had no idea what my first K was at so I just kept up the pace until 2K so I would have something to gauge the rest. At 2K I looked down and saw...
5:10 ..where's the fire??!!

I managed to ease off a bit and even slowed down to take a sip of water. I've never taken water in a 5K and for some reason I felt I needed to mentally slow down. I managed to get to 3K and was still well under 6:00min mark. Slow down Nelly.

When I got to 4K I thought I banked enough time to get a great time and eased off completely...until I rounded the last few hundred meters before the finish line.
I saw the time and kicked it into high gear...I think I even 'whimpered' out loud. I didn't hear myself since my music was so loud, but I'm sure other people heard.

I crossed the finish line at 27:02!! A new PR for me!!!
 The Stats:
Gun Time: 27:02
Avg. Pace: 5:25 (say whaaa??)
Age Group: 10/30 (I did mention to CK that I wanted a top 10 finish)
Gender Place: 59/159

I never knew I had it in me. I struggled at the 30 min mark for almost three years. I'm so excited and now I have a renewed focus for this race season. I plan on setting many more personal records this summer.

I also know I can do better. I can improve my race time by:
1) starting my watch at the start line
2) not slowing for water in a 5K
3) preparing a playlist so I'm not playing with the ipod
4) kicking into high(er) gear off the start
5) working on my mental game 

Sister T had a good race, but learned a lesson in food for fuel.  She ended up too hungry and ran out of gas before the halfway mark. As we talked about, there is a lot to be said for race experience. The more races you do the better you get a 'managing' them.

Me and T...we had the camera on autotimer, hence the 'extra' background

I had a great day, PR aside, as I got to spend some quality (healthy) time with my Sister. We both got to enjoy the food and drinks on Mother's Day completely guilt free!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time

Once again I am lacing up the Saucony's for a race on Saturday. This time it's a 5K...seems easy compared to the 10 miler, right? Wrong!
I thought I would be all fit and ready just two weeks off a big race. But I seem to be more, um..Not. I don't feel fit and I don't feel ready. What happened in just two little weeks??What happened to all my ambition?

I thought I should have enough mileage under my belt (feet) to carry me to a PR with this race. But I have my doubts. My last run was a little rough. Although the weather has changed for the better, it didn't help that fact I was panting and sweating 4K in.

Me and Sister T
Regardless of what I do at the race I'm really looking forward to it cause I'm doing it with my big sister. Sister T started running, consistently, after I did. So I'm super stoked to hit the race scene with her. She has always been my best supporter with this running hobby obsession I've developed. She was cheering me in on my first 5K ever and I was able to return the favour for her's. Now we can both enjoy the rewards of having a little experience behind us and really race towards some goals. Okay, maybe no records being broken this weekend, but eventually.

I look forward to many more races with Sis, just as long as we can get out the house without the kids or husbands trailing after us!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Awesome!!

As many of you know, Friday was race day and I headed out for my first 10 mile race. I have not run anything over 10k ever so this was a really big deal. Here are the highlights:

The Good
The Company: My friend Britt ran the race with me. We had only run together once before this, so it was really great of her to sign up for this and share in my misery. She used the race as a tune up for her Half coming up in three weeks. So much fun running with a friend.

Sorry for the quality but I had to show proof. I'm the short one, Britt is the leggy one.

The Course: It was a loop course, 5 miles each. So you knew what you were in for the second time around. It had some rolling hills, but nothing crazy. It was a combination of main roads and side streets and passed by two cemeteries, which was an ominous sign.

The People: This was a small race put on by a running club. The volunteers were really friendly and encouraging, even as we brought up the rear and the pylons were being removed. There weren't many spectators, but those that were out were enthusiastic. At one point a little girl walked up real close to us and flashed us a quick 'thumbs up' at the very last second...sooo cute! There was also a guy on a pogo stick dressed as a bunny and he was still hopping when we passed him again the second time. I yelled out "You've been doing that this whole time?" to which he answered "So have you" True that!

The Bad
The Weather: I know Ma Nature hasn't been on our side all winter and spring is no different. It was cold and it was windy. It was hard to figure out what to wear. In the end I was comfortable in a long sleeve + zippered jacket. At the last minute I grabbed Dee's pink sparkly gloves and I'm glad I did, it was pretty cold at the start.

The Roadkill: Halfway on the first loop Britt yelled out "Ew, ew, ew" I thought something smelled funny, but then I saw what she had almost stepped on...a dead, slightly squished squirrel. It made me laugh because I had a dream a week ago about having a raccoon tail stuck to my shoe while running the race...dreams do come true...sadly.

The Course: As I mentioned it was a loop, and although there are good things about it, there are also bad things. Like seeing everyone pass you!! The first place runner finished the race before we finished the first lap. It was cool to see those 'elites' run by though, they make it seem so easy! And...the were mile markers and not km markers...I didn't train in miles. I found it difficult to figure out my pace and mark my splits. I was guessing the whole time. Which may have been a good thing in the end.
And...there was only one water station on the route at about 4miles in and no port-o-potties anywhere!!

The Awesome
PR Baby!!: Well, technically this was my first race at this distance so I was good for a PR no matter what, but I finished with a 1:45.07...that's right baby!!  I was thrilled with my finish. I knew that I could do a 1:45 if I could keep my pace throughout the race and I did, many thanks to Britt and my bladder. Seriously, I felt great the whole way, no stomach cramps, no side stitches, no bathroom break. I was a little nauseous after 5 miles, but then I eased up on the sugar and it calmed down. I was a little sore in the hips and ankles near the end.

The Outfit: I was comfortable the entire race and glad I doubled up on top. I wore capris and my running skirt. I saw two other skirts at the race. At one point a speedy skirt passed us and said "Way to go Skirt!". It caught me a bit off guard that I didn't say anything back, but I loved it.  I think I even blushed a bit. I felt like I belonged to a secret club...we just need a handshake now.

That's about it. I'm sure I've left something out. I wanted to post pictures, but I didn't take any (surprise, surprise). Britt remembered her camera and right when we were ready to leave, we thought to ask a guy raking his garden if he'd take our picture. He did! I just have to get my copy.

Three days later and I'm still on a high. I have to remember this feeling when I'm in the middle of the next training cycle. It's sooooo worth it!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

T-minus three days...

Well, I've done all the work, I have to believe that I've done enough. I have three days until my 'big' race and now I must..'Trust the Training' (that's my motto and mantra now). While everyone else is enjoying sleeping in on a day off, I will be off and running 10 Miles!

I have to say that I owe a lot to Coach Kelly, who has designed a program just for me. Enough to get me going, push my limits, but understanding enough to know that sometimes adding a fourth run/week just wasn't going to happen when the kids and husband are already starting to forget my name!!

I also owe a lot to the support I recieved through this blog and on Facebook. My 'imaginary' friends have been encouraging and motivating and even inspiring...thanks!

I also owe a big shout out to a couple new running friends who agreed to do the long run with me on more than one occassion. You helped my at my most difficult time, getting me through the toughest weeks.  I only hope that the friendly runs continue in the nicer weather.

So after almost three months of training, I have:

Worn through 2 pairs of Saucony's
Burned over 180 donuts (best stat on Dailymile)
Spent $20 on itunes revamping the playlist
Developed my running obession to whole a new level
Learned that skittles are important to the running diet
Discovered the joy of winter running
Enjoyed sharing TMI on the long run
Not lost any weight :(
Run 325kms!!!

 With just a few days left the only thing I am really worried about now race outfit. I've learned through the bloggy world that it's okay to want to look nice on race day. It's like any other special day. Even if I don't run fast at least I can look good running slow!

The weather is supposed to be cold (a high of 9) partly cloudy day. It shouldn't rain, so that's a plus, but it will be cold in the morning. So I'm thinking of my long sleeve top with my black polkadot running skirt with capris under and probably a long sleeve zippy (I bought at Walmart of all places).  It's HOT bright pink and I'm impressed with the quality considering I paid $17 for it.

There are also other stresses like, parking, shuttle bus, finding bathrooms know...normal stuff.

So, any last words of wisdom before my race???

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Dreams

Just sitting here thinking about all the people that are going to be toeing the line tomorrow morning in Boston. I'm sure they all had the big dream of being there one day...and if it is their first or 31st day has arrived.

Congratulations to those running in the big of luck and know that shmucks like me are plodding along, dreaming the dream too.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Music Monday

I actually carved out some time to play with itunes this weekend. I was in desperate need of some new music for running. When I spend more time hitting 'next' than actually listening to any songs, we gotta a problem.

I try to run pod-less for at least half of my long run, so I can reward myself with great motivation when I really need it.  My songs were getting bland and had very little motivating effect at all. Considering I hit 37kms last week (record high) I managed to get by alright. But I'm not tapering yet, so I need all the help I can get.

I find downloading music kinda tedious. Not only do I have to remember the song title, or band name of that kick ass song I hear on the radio everyday, but I have to deal with my kids wanting to play on the computer, finding that connector cable and figuring out technical glitches (turns out I haven't updated itunes in a while).

So after about an hour of getting things figured out I got a few new songs to add to my new '10 mile' race list. I thought I would share with you a couple of my new favourites.

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

This woman rocks. Her voice has that sultry rasp and the beat is just heavy. Love the part where the water starts to vibrate. I've had this song on repeat for the past three days. I know I'm obsessed with a song when Dee and Kay are singing the tune as Barbie's entry in the talent show. 

Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks

I kept hearing this song on the radio but had never heard the band name before. I like to think this is a discovery, but I'm sure someone else has discovered them by now. I love the groovy bass guitar and the general 'coolness' of the song. Also, there's whistling, who doesn't love whistling in a song?

Metric: Gold Guns Girls

This one isn't new to my ipod rotation, but I wanted to share it anyway. I love this band. If you haven't heard them yet, take a listen then go Google them for more. They are a rockn' Canadian band that oozes awesome.
I realized that I was running a faster pace when I could keep up with this song. It's a great running song and the video proves it. I love their warm up at the beginning. Now if I could only look that great running in a heels and tight pants.

Young the Giant: My Body

This is just a great tune. I have to listen to it reeaaallly loud. You know a song is good when it makes you stop cleaning the toilet, crank the volume and jump up and down. You're kids clamp their hands over their ears and yell at you to turn it down, but you don't care, 'cause you can't really hear them...that's a good song. 
I also feel it's running related when he sings "My body tells me no, but I won't quit cause I want more"'s like he can read my mind!

Hope you enjoy these diddys. What are your current faves that have you hitting repeat?


Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness

Considering the crazy weather and all this year, I am very glad to say adios to March and all the winter weather that came with it.
The view from my front porch for majority of the winter

My training has been going very well. The race is on April 22nd so I still have a few weeks to amp up the plan. Coach Kelly has done just that. My April includes speedwork once a week, strength training a minimum of once a week and an added 5K run every week...phew! I'm just tired thinking about.

Actually I am  more tired of thinking about it than actually doing it. It's so hard to try to fit in my training around kids and husband and house...seriously, my house has been neglected the most through all this. It complains the least, so I guess I tend to overlook it's needs. I promise you house, a nice good cleaning when all this racing is done.

I have a serious case of the Mommy/Wife guilt lately. I just feel awful even bringing up the word 'run' or worse 'long run'. I do my best to plan my run time around family time, but really, let's be honest, every waking moment of my life is family time. There's no punch clock, there's no time-out for me. 

Besides the guilt I'm still excited about all that I have accomplished  already this year, and even right through the crapiest winter in history! I'm glad that I'm starting the spring season in the best shape I've ever been. Well, running shape anyway.

With spring in the air, I'm excited to get the lead out in April. But as for March, here's how it went down:

Total runs: 13

Total time on my feet: 14 hours

Total Kms for the month: 108.1 (holy heartfailure, Batman!)

Total Kms for the year: 259.4

I capped the month off with a speed work session tonight. I talked myself into worry. Thinking that I can't complete the recommended work, but I almost always end up doing it just fine and sometimes do a little too much in the end. 

Tonight I did 4 X 1000 with 500 recovery between. It was great! I was supposed to aim for 6:15/km pace, but my third interval was 5:25/km...ooopppss! That also had something to do with the dog (sans leash!) and his owner that thought it was very funny his dog was chasing the poor little woman that was just trying to get a good sweat on.

Did you get your sweat on today? Did you get chased by a little dog too?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Last week Mother Nature decided to get one last dig in before the spring thaw. Although I planned my more challenging run (speed work!) for the day before the storm, there was plenty of white stuff left on the ground for the rest of the week.

As I headed out for my run I passed by the same vineyard I pass by almost every run. This time I decided to stop and take a picture...just to share with all of you. I realized at that moment that my camera had been taking pictures of the inside of my purse for that last year so I had no memory left on it.

So, I did what any logical person would do. I stepped up my pace, turning my easy run into an impromptu tempo run and I raced back home to get my camera. I added an extra km or so on my total distance, with all the back and forth. But wouldn't you say it was worth it.

It's hard to see, but there is a little stream in front

For those that know me, I do not take very many pictures. I am the kind of mom that forgets to take her camera out on Christmas morning... birthdays, the cake gets all the, forget about it. Apparently the vineyard is very special.

This view reminds me that I am very lucky to be able to lace up, walk out my front door and head outside under my own power. I am rewarded with beautiful scenery, even in the winter. As a bonus, living in wine country I can also walk out my front door and head out to the closest winery and I am rewarded with great wine, all year round!
I just want to run right through them, but I won't.

What sights do you see out on your route that would make you back-track for the camera?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

That's What Friends are For

I think I mentioned before that my motivation, or excitement for running has been lacking for the last week or so. Last week I had a full 16k planned, my longest run to date, and I was having a mental block getting out the door. Cue the friends....

I was fortunate enough to plan my run with my friend Britt, who is training for a 1/2 Mary. She was not up to doing the full 16 with me, so we agreed to do 11 together. I figured out to do 5k on my own and head home with enough time for a drink and a bathroom break before Britt pulled up in my driveway. Bless her for making the 20 minute drive out to my house on a Sunday morning.

Side note: Britt is much younger than I am, sans kiddos and typically spends her Sunday mornings in this was a very special morning indeed!

Sometimes running with someone for the first time is much like a first date. What do I wear? What if I talk too much? What if there are awkward silences? What if I go too fast...or too slow? Turns out I didn't have to worry about any of it.

She brought along her ipod, insisting that she couldn't run without it. Let me tell you, she didn't use it once. We talked the whole run. We kept great pace and really enjoyed the run. We even made plans to do it again, soon.

This little break in my training routine has given me new (running) life! This weekend was another 16k planned. Although I wasn't exactly eager to hit the pavement, I knew I could do the distance. And boy...could I do the distance. I enjoyed myself so much that I went the extra km and ended up with 17k.

Okay, that wasn't exactly what happened. I didn't map out my run before I left the house and I was trying to calculate the distance on the go. I was worried that I wasn't quite going to make 16...and if I came home and said I only did 15.5k...I would be pissed! So I put the extra little effort in!

Effort counts!
How was you're weekend? Did you go the extra mile (or kilometer)?

P.S. I just wanted to say that I was very pleased with the attention that my last post got. If you haven't seen it yet, check out comment #5. I'm one happy girl!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running Like a Mother

Some of you may know about my mild obsession with the Run Like a Mother book. The book, written by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell, is a combination of running inspiration, training tips, sympathy and motivation for moms out there hitting the pavement. No matter what running level they are at, there is a very large culture of Mother Runners out there and I’m proud to be one of them.
I have been following SBS and DMD since I read their Marathon Moms article in a 2007 issue of Runner’s World. I had just entered the world of running (literally, I was probably running 2K) and I was so inspired by how these two women managed running a household, running a family, running a career all while running. They made me feel like it was well…possible. That was the spark.
In March 2010 they launched the book and have seen a tremendous following of Mother Runners. Their facebook page has over 8,400 followers. They have a blog, they have t-shirts (which, ahem…are not available in Canada), they have podcasts and group runs. They have created a community that shares, listens, complains, motivates and inspires each other.
For their one year RLAM-iversary, the authors had asked the community to submit videos of themselves “running like a mother”. Whatever that means to you. I love this idea as I picture how creative moms can be, especially when it means getting  a couple hours of me-time.
However, when I thought of this question, I personally couldn’t think of how I run, and how being a mother effects my running. The things I did come up with can’t be shown on video. Not because they are indecent, but because it’s the little things that go on behind that scenes that make the difference.
So, here's a few ideas, not in video form, of how I “run like a mother
  • Feeling that twinge of guilt when leaving the house because I’m taking almost 2 hours of solo time for myself
  • Hiding protein bars and energy beans, so no one eats ‘my’ snacks
  • Having family discussions about which Nuun flavour we’d like to try next
  • Saving exactly two energy beans to give to the kids as a treat for when I’m done my run
  • Spending my only alone time thinking and worrying about my kids (school, friends, future)
  • Creatively dealing with the unpleasant side- effects that running has on a “post-baby” body (if you have to ask…you just don’t know)
  • Planning family dinners around my training schedule, so I’m not eating hot dogs right before speed training
  • Being constantly paranoid of picking up any illness my kids bring home from school, because my training  didn’t plan for sick days
  • Shopping for my own running gear in the kids section, without looking like a weirdo
  • Secretly love it when my daughter casually asks me how far my run is going to be that day
I'm sure there are many more, but this will at least give you an idea of my own little running-mommy world.
How about you...are you a mother that runs? Anything to add to the list?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Misery loves Company

I must've made a big deal about my lack of motivation, or a least whined loud enough for most people to hear, because it's paid off.

Thank you to everyone who left me kind words and comments. It was great to know how many people have faith in my abilities (even when I don't) and how many of you have (or are) in the same boat.

That being said I had three runs planned this week with no kids to worry about. They spent time at grandma and grandpa's this week (march break) so I thought I should have no excuses for not running. What was an even better surprise was that Mr. B decided to run with me.

Me: I have to run 6K tonight.
Mr. B: Maybe I'll go with you... depends how I feel after playing ball hockey
Me: Oh, well, in that case I could do 4K instead?
Mr. B: Okay, after work we'll run.

I tried hard to not make a big deal out of this, if any of you know how big this is, you know how big my happy dance was. It was a very enjoyable 4K, a little fast at times. Mr. B is a foot and 1/2 taller than me and has very long legs. My pace was a little slow for him, but after 3K he was happy to slow it down. I did not take any pictures of this event as he would have thought it was weird and he would never agree to it again.

I heard about his sore legs for a few days afterward too. I did a little dance at that too...on the inside.

I also managed to get my 6K in on St. Patrick's Day. I knew that if I didn't do it before the green beer, it was definitely not happening after the green beer! I've decided that Fridays are a really great day for a rest day.

Tomorrow is my long run and I have made a date to meet my friend Britt for most of the run. She is training for a 1/2 marathon in May, so she is working on building her mileage right now. I'm so excited to have someone to run with for the majority of this distance.  Misery loves company.

The only thing threatening my run tomorrow is a nasty stomach bug that has landed on our front porch. Right now, only Dee has been effected, but we all know how things like this ain't good news for any of us. I must go now and attend to my 'mom' duties of hair holding. Poor girl.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Motivation please...

I don't know what's happened to my motivation of late. It seems that I must have dropped it on the treadmill during my last run. If you find it, please return it to me...I miss him dearly.

Okay, it's not all that bad. Sunday was my scheduled 15K and I tried not to think about it too much during the week. I know I can do the distance, I'm confident now. But there was something else pokin' round in my brain. I just didn't know if I wanted to do it.

Saturday night I had a great time out with some girlfriends and there was no (okay, very little) running talk. I was worried that if I started thinking about my run I would cut the night short to get sleep. Mr. B thinks I'm silly for thinking this way:

Me: I don't know if I want to stay out too late, because I have my long run on Sunday
Mr. B: Who cares. Go out tonight then run in the're young.

I was easily swayed (and flattered) by this reasoning. So I enjoyed my evening, popcorn with smarties and all, and I planned to wake up early and get'er done. But of course, as most of you know, there was the time change on Saturday night and I ended up getting home at about, oh...1:45 am!!

Well, 8am came and went, but I managed to drag myself out of bed at 9 to eat and get ready. It took everything in me to get out the door. I just wasn't feeling it. By 2k I decided to run faster than normal to get it done and over with.

Disclaimer: This is NOT in Coach Kelly's plan. In fact, she has told me specifically to do all my runs at a slower than normal pace. So yes, I went against my coach's rules.

But it paid off. I managed to run 15K  two minutes faster than my 14K from last week. I was sooo happy to be done (and be able to brag about it afterward). But boy oh boy, I was looking for excuses heading out the door.

A couple things I think are cramping my mental game:

1) I'm getting lonely on my long runs. Seriously, I love having time to myself but c'mon...I've run out of things to talk about with myself.

2) I'm bored with my music. In fact I've been running half of the long run sans musique. I need new tunes and I keep putting off the effort to add songs to my ipod.

3) I'm sick of the weather. I can't wait for some rays of sun and dry ground to run on...I know it's coming.

Add all those together and I get a recipe for (self) destruction. I need to snap out of it soon. I'm soooo close to my goal of 16k for my upcoming race, but I still have almost 6 weeks of training yet...I'm tired.

Well thanks for listening to my whining and complaining. I have to remember that I chose to do this, I chose to train for this enough of the pity party.

But....if you choose to send any words of wisdom my way that can help get my head back in the game...I will be eternally grateful.