Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time

Once again I am lacing up the Saucony's for a race on Saturday. This time it's a 5K...seems easy compared to the 10 miler, right? Wrong!
I thought I would be all fit and ready just two weeks off a big race. But I seem to be more, um..Not. I don't feel fit and I don't feel ready. What happened in just two little weeks??What happened to all my ambition?

I thought I should have enough mileage under my belt (feet) to carry me to a PR with this race. But I have my doubts. My last run was a little rough. Although the weather has changed for the better, it didn't help that fact I was panting and sweating 4K in.

Me and Sister T
Regardless of what I do at the race I'm really looking forward to it cause I'm doing it with my big sister. Sister T started running, consistently, after I did. So I'm super stoked to hit the race scene with her. She has always been my best supporter with this running hobby obsession I've developed. She was cheering me in on my first 5K ever and I was able to return the favour for her's. Now we can both enjoy the rewards of having a little experience behind us and really race towards some goals. Okay, maybe no records being broken this weekend, but eventually.

I look forward to many more races with Sis, just as long as we can get out the house without the kids or husbands trailing after us!!


Liz said...

Enjoy the race!

Sandy said...

Fun - a race with your sis! I think that you shouldn't worry about the time and just enjoy the experience with your sis! Have fun!!!

theAlmostRunner said...

i just found your blog and i love it! i hope everything with the race went well!