Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday

When we last left our heroine, she was bravely embracing the early morning run, a true test of strength and ability, but a challenge that was worth the reward....

In all seriousness, my early runs continue to be quite (and quiet) enjoyable. But since I run in morning and don't feel there is a strong 'witness' presence, I err on the side of caution and chose to run sans music. In one way I'm staying safe and alert, well, as alert as I can possibly be at 6am. In another way I'm not cluttering my mind with groovy tunes, but instead I'm absorbing the early morning ambiance. The birds singing mainly, but there is also the absence of other sounds...lawnmowers, motorcycles, my children get the picture.

So, that being said, my runs that have included music have been almost like a mid-week beer on a Wednesday! To make my treat extra special I've recently loaded up on some new tunes to help me through the tough parts.

Here's what currently gets my engine runnin':

Two Door Cinema Club: What you want
This song just makes me want to dance,  when I first heard it I actually reverted back to my dance lesson days and did a step together move...much like the dancers in the video.

City and Color: Fragile Bird

For those of you who know. Mr. Green does it again and this new album delivers. I love the groove, the lyrics and his voice. Apparently I'm not the only one...the album is #1 in Canada and in Australia.

The Sheepdogs: I don't know

These are a Canadian band that have gained attention through the Rolling Stone contest. This crazy group of long-haired-hippy-freaks could be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine if they get enough votes. They deserve it, on this song alone. It's a true summertime song, perfect for sitting on the back deck, sippin' a cold one. I don't know what it is about summer that taps into my inner 70's child...
but I love this song! If you do too...go vote for these guys.

What's new on your playlist?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Embracing the a.m.

I never thought it could happen to me...the ability to wake up before I really have to just to go for a run...and enjoying it.

I've done it once or twice before, when I was completely time crunched and determined to stick to a training schedule, I've resorted to rolling out of bed before dawn and getting it done. But never have I ever thought of doing the early morning run in 'just because'.

In the last two weeks I have managed to get majority of my runs in the early morning. I'm not on a training schedule right now, just trying to get 3-4 runs/week in, so why oh why would I get up so darn early to do it?? It started with the heat wave a couple weeks ago, knowing that 7pm would still be very uncomfortable and humid. Also the girls started swimming lessons last week so my evenings are extra busy.  So the early a.m. was the best solution.
Now I know some of you consider early to be pre-dawn (before the sun rises). For me early is 6am, I am out the door by 6:00am, the sun is on its way up but there is a stillness in the air as the day wipes the sleep from its eyes.

Surprisingly I have come to enjoy these runs for a few reasons. And here they are (in particular order):
  • it's quiet, not that I really need quiet space to run, but I do like that there aren't many people out to watch me huff and puff down the street
  • everyone that is out in the early a.m.seems to be very friendly. I think there is a common feeling of 'hey, you got out of bed early too, good on you' kinda feeling. Everyone says good morning and actually mean is a good morning.
  • in the same line, I feel that there are  pre-dawn rituals that I'm now privy to. For example, I notice the regulars that get their Tim Horton's coffee bright and early. I watch as the town trucks water the streetlamp floral baskets, creating mini showers along the route. I also notice the committed pet owners that take actually pick up their dog's business.
  • I now love the feeling of finishing a run with an even greater feeling of accomplishment, for starting my day early and getting it done.
  • I also love that when I'm done and come home, Mr. B has made coffee and we get about two minutes together to say 'hi' and 'bye' before he is out the door for work. Usually we never see each other in the morning at all, so it's nice to have a moment in a quiet house, even if it is brief.
  • I really love that at the end of the day of work I know that I don't have to 'fit' a run in...I'm already done for the day...ahhhh.
It's hard to get out bed, but if I don't think about it too much and just move when the alarm goes off, I'm so much better for it. The real downside is having to get to bed by 10pm!

Good night!

Monday, June 6, 2011

OK...Breaks Over....Back to Work

Somehow I've managed to take an elongated break from all things running, including my blog. So sorry blog, I really do love you, but we just needed a break. It's not's me...really. I thought we ran out of things to talk about. Turns out I was just stifling my feelings....anyway....

What's up??
In the past few weeks I have:
  • 'recovered' from my 5K PR (in case you didn't hear, I ran a 27.02...ahem)
  • experienced running in icy torrential rains and sweltering heat all in the same week
  • managed an escape vacation with the husband
  • got in the first round of golf for the season (only 9 holes in puddled course)
  • started the kids in swimming lessons
  • took a week off of running (no joke)
  • went to my very first physiotherapy appointment

The only thing I'll expand on now is the physio. I felt like a 'real' runner when I walked in, they quickly realized that this is sooo not cool. I quietly have been hiding the fact that my right leg has been achin' and botherin' since, well, oh, maybe February. It started as very minor and the only time it bothered me was when I was driving. So I really didn't think it had anything to do with the extra mileage I was piling on in my training through the snow and ice...really I didn't.
So ignorance is not complete's ignorant. My leg now bothers me pretty much all the time. The mornings are good, but usually the ache creeps in by lunchtime.

Long story short, physiotherapist...believes I have a pinched or compressed nerve in my back/hip area and is irritated.The good news: I don't have to stop running at all. In fact running makes it feel good, cause I get to move it. It bothers me most when I'm stationary, like driving or at work...figures. Dan set me up with four exercises to do at home and work, which should help move things and reduce the pain. He said it should go away...eventually. I keep a good stash of Advil around, so I'm doing just fine for now.

The other news is that after a short hiatus completely off running, I'm back at it but I've pretty much abandoned all my summer race plans. I thought I would race every month and now I'm just not interested. On top of the race schedule being completely squashed, I'm completely behind in my year end goal to run 1,011kms...but I'm not that worried about it.

Is that bad? Have I lost my ambition? I don't even know if I want to do a 1/2 this year anymore...what's happening to me? I figured if I just keep trekking, getting out there, hitting the pavement, just 'doing' it.... then I'll get it back again. This week I managed 20K and did most of it during 6am runs during the week. Surprisingly, they were the best runs in a long time. I think I just found my inner morning person...well, maybe...I'll let you know at 5:50am tomorrow when my alarm goes off.

Question:What time does your alarm go off on Tuesdays? (or any other day)