Monday, May 9, 2011

Race Report: Confederation 5K

As I mentioned in my last post I had high hopes for this race. After training right through the winter for a 10 mile I figured a 3.1 miler was in the bag. Or not. I was stressed that the two weeks between the races didn't prepare me well for making (personal) history on the course.

I got the best advice from follower Sandy at Sassy Runner Girl. She advised me to not worry about my time and enjoy the race with my sis. Good advice. Once a read that I was instantly releived. Why do I put so much pressure on myself?? I'm not going to win the race (as much as my children believe I will).

With a new mindset I was ready to tackle the course and let whatever happens, happen. Well, let me tell you it happened alright!

My plan was to start faster than I usually do. I know this goes against everything that everyone in the history of running has ever learned about racing, but I am pokey off the start and I never seem to make up the time. So, since I wasn't taking the race too seriously I thought 'hey, why not try running fast at the start'. I fully realized I could be walking (or limping) by 2K but I gave it a shot.

Coach Kelly had given me a plan to try and it included the first K at around a 5min/km....WTF?!? I've never done anything like that before. I aimed for a 5:20ish start. And at the 1K mark I looked at my watch and saw...
0:00...I forgot to start my timer :( Sad to say this is not the first time this has happened in a race.

So now I had no idea what my first K was at so I just kept up the pace until 2K so I would have something to gauge the rest. At 2K I looked down and saw...
5:10 ..where's the fire??!!

I managed to ease off a bit and even slowed down to take a sip of water. I've never taken water in a 5K and for some reason I felt I needed to mentally slow down. I managed to get to 3K and was still well under 6:00min mark. Slow down Nelly.

When I got to 4K I thought I banked enough time to get a great time and eased off completely...until I rounded the last few hundred meters before the finish line.
I saw the time and kicked it into high gear...I think I even 'whimpered' out loud. I didn't hear myself since my music was so loud, but I'm sure other people heard.

I crossed the finish line at 27:02!! A new PR for me!!!
 The Stats:
Gun Time: 27:02
Avg. Pace: 5:25 (say whaaa??)
Age Group: 10/30 (I did mention to CK that I wanted a top 10 finish)
Gender Place: 59/159

I never knew I had it in me. I struggled at the 30 min mark for almost three years. I'm so excited and now I have a renewed focus for this race season. I plan on setting many more personal records this summer.

I also know I can do better. I can improve my race time by:
1) starting my watch at the start line
2) not slowing for water in a 5K
3) preparing a playlist so I'm not playing with the ipod
4) kicking into high(er) gear off the start
5) working on my mental game 

Sister T had a good race, but learned a lesson in food for fuel.  She ended up too hungry and ran out of gas before the halfway mark. As we talked about, there is a lot to be said for race experience. The more races you do the better you get a 'managing' them.

Me and T...we had the camera on autotimer, hence the 'extra' background

I had a great day, PR aside, as I got to spend some quality (healthy) time with my Sister. We both got to enjoy the food and drinks on Mother's Day completely guilt free!


Sandy said...

Congratulations on the fantastic race!!! A PR and awesome stats! Is it not amazing how we sometimes surpise ourselves? Great job!

RunMom said...

Awesome job there top 10 mama!! But wait...**sniff, sniff**...what's that smell? I believe that's a 26something in the air...and it's close by, so very very close by, like next 5K perhaps :-)

BTW I am completely cracking up at the WTF on the 5:00 min/k pace on the first mile. Pretty sure I laughed right out loud. I may have even snorted. $5 million bucks(which I can bet with full confidence since we have no way of verification)says you nailed it

Anonymous said...

hope you're doing well!!