Monday, June 13, 2011

Embracing the a.m.

I never thought it could happen to me...the ability to wake up before I really have to just to go for a run...and enjoying it.

I've done it once or twice before, when I was completely time crunched and determined to stick to a training schedule, I've resorted to rolling out of bed before dawn and getting it done. But never have I ever thought of doing the early morning run in 'just because'.

In the last two weeks I have managed to get majority of my runs in the early morning. I'm not on a training schedule right now, just trying to get 3-4 runs/week in, so why oh why would I get up so darn early to do it?? It started with the heat wave a couple weeks ago, knowing that 7pm would still be very uncomfortable and humid. Also the girls started swimming lessons last week so my evenings are extra busy.  So the early a.m. was the best solution.
Now I know some of you consider early to be pre-dawn (before the sun rises). For me early is 6am, I am out the door by 6:00am, the sun is on its way up but there is a stillness in the air as the day wipes the sleep from its eyes.

Surprisingly I have come to enjoy these runs for a few reasons. And here they are (in particular order):
  • it's quiet, not that I really need quiet space to run, but I do like that there aren't many people out to watch me huff and puff down the street
  • everyone that is out in the early a.m.seems to be very friendly. I think there is a common feeling of 'hey, you got out of bed early too, good on you' kinda feeling. Everyone says good morning and actually mean is a good morning.
  • in the same line, I feel that there are  pre-dawn rituals that I'm now privy to. For example, I notice the regulars that get their Tim Horton's coffee bright and early. I watch as the town trucks water the streetlamp floral baskets, creating mini showers along the route. I also notice the committed pet owners that take actually pick up their dog's business.
  • I now love the feeling of finishing a run with an even greater feeling of accomplishment, for starting my day early and getting it done.
  • I also love that when I'm done and come home, Mr. B has made coffee and we get about two minutes together to say 'hi' and 'bye' before he is out the door for work. Usually we never see each other in the morning at all, so it's nice to have a moment in a quiet house, even if it is brief.
  • I really love that at the end of the day of work I know that I don't have to 'fit' a run in...I'm already done for the day...ahhhh.
It's hard to get out bed, but if I don't think about it too much and just move when the alarm goes off, I'm so much better for it. The real downside is having to get to bed by 10pm!

Good night!


Sandy said...

Congrats on your new routine of running in the morning! I almost always run before I go to work. Sometimes, it is hard to get up earlier, but it is so worth it!!!

Sandra said...

You are doing great, Cathy! Glad you love the early morning thing. i figured that one out a long time ago! Get it done first thing and then you can enjoy the rest of the day knowing you have that personal goal accomplished! I am so proud of you and you inspire me to keep trying. had the best run yet on Thursday. 5km in 29min 49sec.! Yeah! Broke the 30 min. mark finally!