Monday, April 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Awesome!!

As many of you know, Friday was race day and I headed out for my first 10 mile race. I have not run anything over 10k ever so this was a really big deal. Here are the highlights:

The Good
The Company: My friend Britt ran the race with me. We had only run together once before this, so it was really great of her to sign up for this and share in my misery. She used the race as a tune up for her Half coming up in three weeks. So much fun running with a friend.

Sorry for the quality but I had to show proof. I'm the short one, Britt is the leggy one.

The Course: It was a loop course, 5 miles each. So you knew what you were in for the second time around. It had some rolling hills, but nothing crazy. It was a combination of main roads and side streets and passed by two cemeteries, which was an ominous sign.

The People: This was a small race put on by a running club. The volunteers were really friendly and encouraging, even as we brought up the rear and the pylons were being removed. There weren't many spectators, but those that were out were enthusiastic. At one point a little girl walked up real close to us and flashed us a quick 'thumbs up' at the very last second...sooo cute! There was also a guy on a pogo stick dressed as a bunny and he was still hopping when we passed him again the second time. I yelled out "You've been doing that this whole time?" to which he answered "So have you" True that!

The Bad
The Weather: I know Ma Nature hasn't been on our side all winter and spring is no different. It was cold and it was windy. It was hard to figure out what to wear. In the end I was comfortable in a long sleeve + zippered jacket. At the last minute I grabbed Dee's pink sparkly gloves and I'm glad I did, it was pretty cold at the start.

The Roadkill: Halfway on the first loop Britt yelled out "Ew, ew, ew" I thought something smelled funny, but then I saw what she had almost stepped on...a dead, slightly squished squirrel. It made me laugh because I had a dream a week ago about having a raccoon tail stuck to my shoe while running the race...dreams do come true...sadly.

The Course: As I mentioned it was a loop, and although there are good things about it, there are also bad things. Like seeing everyone pass you!! The first place runner finished the race before we finished the first lap. It was cool to see those 'elites' run by though, they make it seem so easy! And...the were mile markers and not km markers...I didn't train in miles. I found it difficult to figure out my pace and mark my splits. I was guessing the whole time. Which may have been a good thing in the end.
And...there was only one water station on the route at about 4miles in and no port-o-potties anywhere!!

The Awesome
PR Baby!!: Well, technically this was my first race at this distance so I was good for a PR no matter what, but I finished with a 1:45.07...that's right baby!!  I was thrilled with my finish. I knew that I could do a 1:45 if I could keep my pace throughout the race and I did, many thanks to Britt and my bladder. Seriously, I felt great the whole way, no stomach cramps, no side stitches, no bathroom break. I was a little nauseous after 5 miles, but then I eased up on the sugar and it calmed down. I was a little sore in the hips and ankles near the end.

The Outfit: I was comfortable the entire race and glad I doubled up on top. I wore capris and my running skirt. I saw two other skirts at the race. At one point a speedy skirt passed us and said "Way to go Skirt!". It caught me a bit off guard that I didn't say anything back, but I loved it.  I think I even blushed a bit. I felt like I belonged to a secret club...we just need a handshake now.

That's about it. I'm sure I've left something out. I wanted to post pictures, but I didn't take any (surprise, surprise). Britt remembered her camera and right when we were ready to leave, we thought to ask a guy raking his garden if he'd take our picture. He did! I just have to get my copy.

Three days later and I'm still on a high. I have to remember this feeling when I'm in the middle of the next training cycle. It's sooooo worth it!!


Liz said...

Congratulations on a great race!

Kittee said...

Way to Go!!! I will be posted my race recap soon...

Sandy said...

Congrats on a great race! (And a PR!)

Cat B. said...

Thanks ladies!!

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