Tuesday, April 19, 2011

T-minus three days...

Well, I've done all the work, I have to believe that I've done enough. I have three days until my 'big' race and now I must..'Trust the Training' (that's my motto and mantra now). While everyone else is enjoying sleeping in on a day off, I will be off and running 10 Miles!

I have to say that I owe a lot to Coach Kelly, who has designed a program just for me. Enough to get me going, push my limits, but understanding enough to know that sometimes adding a fourth run/week just wasn't going to happen when the kids and husband are already starting to forget my name!!

I also owe a lot to the support I recieved through this blog and on Facebook. My 'imaginary' friends have been encouraging and motivating and even inspiring...thanks!

I also owe a big shout out to a couple new running friends who agreed to do the long run with me on more than one occassion. You helped my at my most difficult time, getting me through the toughest weeks.  I only hope that the friendly runs continue in the nicer weather.

So after almost three months of training, I have:

Worn through 2 pairs of Saucony's
Burned over 180 donuts (best stat on Dailymile)
Spent $20 on itunes revamping the playlist
Developed my running obession to whole a new level
Learned that skittles are important to the running diet
Discovered the joy of winter running
Enjoyed sharing TMI on the long run
Not lost any weight :(
Run 325kms!!!

 With just a few days left the only thing I am really worried about now is...my race outfit. I've learned through the bloggy world that it's okay to want to look nice on race day. It's like any other special day. Even if I don't run fast at least I can look good running slow!

The weather is supposed to be cold (a high of 9) partly cloudy day. It shouldn't rain, so that's a plus, but it will be cold in the morning. So I'm thinking of my long sleeve top with my black polkadot running skirt with capris under and probably a long sleeve zippy (I bought at Walmart of all places).  It's HOT bright pink and I'm impressed with the quality considering I paid $17 for it.

There are also other stresses like, parking, shuttle bus, finding bathrooms etc...you know...normal stuff.

So, any last words of wisdom before my race???


lish said...

Believe! You can do this!!!

Alanna said...

You've pretty much covered it with "Trust your training"! Good luck - I'm sure you'll do great.

You know you have great friends when TMI is the rule, not the exception! As for the no weight loss, it's hard to train for races expecting that, so just assume that you're gaining more muscle and it's all evening out. :)

Kittee said...

You are going to do AWESOME!!! Cant wait to read the recap..

You should look fabulous when you run, Love the polka dot skirt idea...

I am running on Sat Still havent decided on an outfit..

Run Strong and enjoy every mile!

Cat B. said...

Thank you for all the great support!!

Liz said...

Enjoy it!! Now you've done all the training, it's all there in your legs. Relax and have a great race. Good luck!

Liz said...

(By the way, I didn't lose any weight either when I trained for and did a marathon last year. It made me wonder just how much I'd been eating!)

Sandy said...

Congratulations! You have already done the hard work! Burning over 180 donuts is a huge accomplishment!!!