Monday, April 4, 2011

Music Monday

I actually carved out some time to play with itunes this weekend. I was in desperate need of some new music for running. When I spend more time hitting 'next' than actually listening to any songs, we gotta a problem.

I try to run pod-less for at least half of my long run, so I can reward myself with great motivation when I really need it.  My songs were getting bland and had very little motivating effect at all. Considering I hit 37kms last week (record high) I managed to get by alright. But I'm not tapering yet, so I need all the help I can get.

I find downloading music kinda tedious. Not only do I have to remember the song title, or band name of that kick ass song I hear on the radio everyday, but I have to deal with my kids wanting to play on the computer, finding that connector cable and figuring out technical glitches (turns out I haven't updated itunes in a while).

So after about an hour of getting things figured out I got a few new songs to add to my new '10 mile' race list. I thought I would share with you a couple of my new favourites.

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

This woman rocks. Her voice has that sultry rasp and the beat is just heavy. Love the part where the water starts to vibrate. I've had this song on repeat for the past three days. I know I'm obsessed with a song when Dee and Kay are singing the tune as Barbie's entry in the talent show. 

Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks

I kept hearing this song on the radio but had never heard the band name before. I like to think this is a discovery, but I'm sure someone else has discovered them by now. I love the groovy bass guitar and the general 'coolness' of the song. Also, there's whistling, who doesn't love whistling in a song?

Metric: Gold Guns Girls

This one isn't new to my ipod rotation, but I wanted to share it anyway. I love this band. If you haven't heard them yet, take a listen then go Google them for more. They are a rockn' Canadian band that oozes awesome.
I realized that I was running a faster pace when I could keep up with this song. It's a great running song and the video proves it. I love their warm up at the beginning. Now if I could only look that great running in a heels and tight pants.

Young the Giant: My Body

This is just a great tune. I have to listen to it reeaaallly loud. You know a song is good when it makes you stop cleaning the toilet, crank the volume and jump up and down. You're kids clamp their hands over their ears and yell at you to turn it down, but you don't care, 'cause you can't really hear them...that's a good song. 
I also feel it's running related when he sings "My body tells me no, but I won't quit cause I want more"'s like he can read my mind!

Hope you enjoy these diddys. What are your current faves that have you hitting repeat?



britt. said...

I love running to Metric as well. Especially Gold, Guns, Girls - always helps get my body going. I'm not sure if you like any club mixes, BUT - "Sweat" by David Guetta, "God is a DJ" by Deadmau5, and "You Used to Hold Me" by Calvin Harris (actually, any of his remixes) are on my running list right now! Hope these provide a little extra "oomph" in a coming run.
(Also! I'm home this, and next weekend, what runs do you have scheduled??)

natalie said...

I'm so out of the loop with music! I don't run with it, and the only stuff I listen to is country!

I'm going to look at getting these down for sure though :)