Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a Sign

So in my last post I was waffling (mmm...waffles) on the idea of running a half marathon this fall. In the time that has passed since that post this is what has happened:

I decided to find a training plan and sign up for a race in September!!


I decided to scrap the whole idea and just keep running for the 'fun' of it!!!


I started reading the fabulous blog ladies I follow and was inspired by their recent accomplishments. Particularly Sandi at Sassy Runner Girl, who ran the Twenty Valley 1/2, which was down the street from my house.


I talked to someone at work who said "Don't run a 1/2 marathon, that's just crazy, why would you do that?"  Note to not ask non-runners for running advice (unless they are family).

Then....I got a sign....Ahhha--hhhhaaa moment...

 in the form of Runner's World Magazine.
The focus of the issue was 1/2 convenient. It has an basic 10 week rookie training plan and great tips on getting into the training. The kicker was the article by Marc Parent.

Sidebar: I ♥ Marc Parent...I don't actually know him, but I've followed his 'Newbie Chronicles' for the past couple years and he is so open and honest about being a new runner that I just immediately fell for his written word. I teared up when I read about him running with his son and I cheered him on as he tackled his first 5 miles. Also, being new to writing, I've been aware of writers I truly admire and I love his work. Take a moment to read a piece or two of his...very funny.

So Marc's article is about taking on the half. The whole first paragraph is about running a half marathon, well, no, trying to run a half marathon. It truly spoke to me. I think I want to virtually run my 1/2 along with Marc. I feel we are on the same page...pun totally intended.

So I was all inspired to start my training this week. I met my Fast Friend for a 6am run on Tuesday and got 6K in.
Run one...check.

Then the earth opened up and the fire's of hell have come to ruin my plans. This week has been the hottest week on record of all time. I know there are many of you out there dealing with this heatwave as well, so I know you sympathize. But why, oh, why am I actually interested in running now that the temperatures are unsafe?? Am I sabotaging my own plan here, did I do this on purpose...I wonder??

Anyway, the week remains at a total of 6kms run..

So, the question I keep attempting this 1/2 marathon training or call it a loss and wait for cooler temperatures again?


Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

I say get a good training plan....I like Run Less Run Faster, and try to stick with it. Running a half is not that difficult if you have a good training base. I understand about the heat right now. Just ran teh Twenty Valley Challenge Weekend....5K then Half Marathon the next day and it was HOT. Just stay hydrated!

Sandy said...

Oh Goodness!!! What a time you have had. I am totally voting for you to do the half (and I am glad that I may have inspired you, even just a little bit!) I know that it is insanely hot right now, but there is ALWAYS going to be something - too hot, too cold, too busy, too tired, etc, etc, etc... You just need to find a way to work around these things - Can you run early in the morning? Do you have access to an indoor treadmill? If you must run when it is so hot, just take it slowly and drink lots! Hope you figure out what is right for you. Can't wait to hear about it!

Cat said...

Thanks for the advice ladies. You're right Sandi, there is always an excuse. I managed to train for the 10 miler in 5 inches of snow, so really the heat shouldn't be a problem.