Monday, July 4, 2011

Wishy Washy

I just can't seem to make up my mind about committing to another distance race this year. As the year started out I was very eager and ambitious..the Year of the Race! I thought I would be able to keep the excitement all year long.
Well, six months later the excitement is nowhere to be found. It seems to have melted into the humidity. I was originally thinking that this year would be when I finally tackled the half marathon. After successfully training and running a 10 miler I know that I can do the 13.1's just I don't know if I want to.

All smiles after 10 miles...seems sooo long ago!

 I keep flip-flopping on this subject that even I'm sick of it. The thing is I am now 11 weeks away from the race I want to do, so it's do or die...kinda. Not to be overly dramatic but I should really commit to this thing to allow for the best training possible. Considering the lousy 5K I just ran tonight, I'm going to need as much time to train as possible. I have seriously decreased my distance and now 5Ks are about all I can (or want) to manage. I do tend to intervals while running them, but still, the distance isn't there.

PROS of running a half marathon in September:
  • Great time of year (not too hot not too cold...juussst right)
  • Great race (the Run for the Grapes is a tradition in my hometown and I've never toed the line at the half)
  • Great friends (I might be able to convince a few friends to join know who you are!!)
  • Great goal (accomplishing a 1/2 is a great motivator to get my butt back in gear)
  • Get it done (cross that baby off my list)

CONS of running a half marathon in September:
  • It's a HALF MARATHON!!! (that's just crazy... that's 21.1 kms kids)
  • The training (the long lonely runs, the training committment, the loss family time in the summer)
  • The training (it's hard..I have to say it twice)
  • The support (or lack there of, I'm worried about doing this without a coach and no kick in the pants)
  • The timing (as I mentioned above, it's only 11 weeks I pushing it?)
  • The nerve! (seriously, this sciatic nerve thing could flare up again, right now it's under minimal control)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? I know a lot of you ladies have experience with this so give me your best.

To run a half or not to run?...that is the question.


Sandy said...

Run for the Grapes? I have never done this race before, but was kinda thinking I might add it to my fall race schedule this year. I've hear it's a great race - you should do it!!!

Cat B. said...

Sandy, you should totally come down to Niagara for this race! It's during the Wine Festival so you can make a weekend out of it and enjoy the wine route.

Sandy said...

Cool idea! I might just have to do that! I am actually running the Twenty Valley Half next weekend. It's part of the same series. Unfortunately, I've got so much on the go right now that I'll only be there for the race day. But, it looks like they have a whole weekend of activities planned for this one too!

Cat B. said...

The Twenty Valley is in my home town!! Too bad we aren't going to be around for it:( Just poor planning on my part. Hope you enjoy the race, I look forward to your report. BTW which distance are you doing?

Sandy said...

Wow, it's in your home town! I'm doing the half marathon on Sunday morning. I'll let you know how it goes!