Friday, January 14, 2011

What's Black and White and Read All Over?

My New Year's Resolution...that's what!

Last week I was contacted by the local newspaper about talking to them about my new year's resolutions/goals. Apparently, they had heard that I had some interesting fitness goals through a friend, through Facebook. That's right, the power of social media has smacked me on the a$$!

The article came out yesterday and although it's exciting to see your name (and face) in the newspaper, I'm a little worried that now that it's out in public that I will have the added pressure of sticking to my goal.

For those interested here is the article:

Grimsby woman sets goal to run 1,011 kilometres in 2011

Posted 2 days ago
Cathy Bouwers plans to run 1,011 kilometres in 2011.
The Grimsby resident started running with the Grimsby running club three years ago and has been slowly pushing herself further and further. She began with a learn to run program, and enjoyed it so much that she continued to run regularly on her own. Running offered her a great way to get in shape.
"I don't have to go to a gym. I can just leap out my front door," she said.
Her New Year's resolution is to take running further. She plans to push herself to run further distances, and by the end of the year she hopes to have racked up 1,011 kilometres.
"That's my goal," she said. "It's going to be a challenge, but it's a tangible goal."
She will be tracking her progress on her blog, which she recently started. You can follow her at
When Bouwers sets a goal, she tries hard to stick to it. On December 1, she set a goal to exercise 30 minutes a day for 30 days. She knew December would be a hectic month and didn't want to lose the progress she made in the months prior.
"I didn't want to get to January and have to start all over," she said. "I ran every day... even Christmas day."
Since she has been sharing her goals and successes through her blog and on Facebook, she said many of her friends have set similar goals for themselves.
"I think it's encouraging for other people," she said.
She said she feels stronger since she started running.
"I was one of those people that saw runners and thought that I could never do that," she said, adding that she feels great now that she actually gave it a shot and has kept up with it.
She also does strength training, coming in to the Town of Grimsby's recreation centre for the drop-in fitness program. She said it's not always easy to find time, but her children and husband are great support.
You can follow Bouwers progress on her blog!

Yup! There it is in black and white and had been read all over (well, over West Niagara anyway). There are a couple of errors in this article I have to address. If not for the integrity of the article, then at least to ease my mind.
1) I do not live in Grimsby (I did for 5 years) but I still reside in West Niagara.
2) I did not 'run' everyday in December. I did exercise everyday in December (which you know if you read this blog) and it did include Christmas Day. And on that note...I am still keeping this going every day.
3) I don't remember saying "leap" out my front door. My point being that running allows me the quickest way to get in shape as all I have to do is go out the front door. This is opposed to going to the gym, it's just faster.

Other than that I'm okay with this article. My point was made...kinda. However, the picture was great so check out the article here.

Further on the running front I have only managed 5.5 K this week so far. It seems that I can really only get a run in on the weekends, but that means two long runs, and I'm afraid I'll hurt myself. That, coupled with the crazy snowy weather, icy sidewalks and -15 degree temperatures...I don't think Mother Nature likes runners.

So hopefully there are some new readers that learned about me through the article. Welcome, stay a while. I love comments, even just to say you are there. I have a few plans for this blog and I'd like some feedback along the way, so don't be shy...just be nice :)

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Sharla said...

I read the article this morning as I munched on a piece of toast and an egg. I think I was smiling the whole time. Keep up the good work- blogging, running, inspiring and motivating....but one thing- as I read the sentence about 'leaping out my front door' I thought to myself 'that really doesn't sound like Cathy' I guess I was right since you don't remember saying that! Ha Ha