Monday, January 31, 2011

In running news

Just wanted to do a quick update on my 'training'.

Coach Kelly has started me on a great plan to get me up and 'running' a 10 miler in April...that's right it says 10MILES not 10kms...I'm a whole other level of crazy now!! I managed to sucker convince my friend Britt that she should do this race with me. She is training for a half marathon is May and the 10 miler will be part of her training. You can follow Britt here on her training journey.

CK has developed a schedule for me that  pared everything down so I'll be focusing on running for the first few weeks. She also insists that I take rest days...honest. I've done really well on those days.

She also managed to get me to run 20kms last week in a few short and very easy runs. My biggest challenge was on Saturday as I did my first long run of 9kms. Because of the slower pace, I managed to do it all with only one walk break. It was a true 'ah-ha' moment for me. I really only walked because my left knee has been bothering me and it had something to say at around 5km.  After a 1 minute walk I was back at it and finished just fine.

Part of the knee issue (I believe) is my procrastination in purchasing some new shoes. So I made a date with my sister-in-law (who is new to running) and we met at the local Running Room. We left there very informed about running shoes...probably more informed than we needed to be. I did learn that I am a mid-foot striker and I don't pronate, under or over...I'm Switzerland.

I did walk out with these babies:
The are not the most super-funky, flashy runners, but they fit and that's what's most important (or I keep telling myself that). I have yet to try them out on the pavement cause I don't want them to get all dirty yet.

This week should be a challenge for my running:

The weather people are saying we are getting 15-20cm on Tuesday night and they are predicting another
10-15cm on Wednesday....the storm of the year! And winds of 40-45km/h!


What's your challenge this week?


Kittee I am a Runner! said...

Great job on your runs! I love getting new shoes too.. The weather here is the challenge this week. Today we have 1 degrees with 37 mph wind feels like -26. Suppose to be 40 on Friday. One can only hope. Have a Fabulous Running Week

Anonymous said...

My challenge this week is staying sane during the snow days!!!

New shoes!!! How exciting!! Congrats on your purchase. Hopefully this winter madness goes away soon.

britt. said...

How are the new shoes!? So exciting!

Challenge this week was definitely overcoming sickness!! Worst!