Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh boy!

I have a new understanding of the power of social media. These fun time wasters called Facebook and Twitter and even blogs, have so much power to influence, educate, connect and get people in trouble!

Now, before you start thinking there is some really juicy gossip coming, I hate to disappoint you. I only mention that I am realizing the power of connecting people from all over the world, or in your own town, and where that could lead to.

If you read my last blog entry I made a pretty firm running goal for 2011. It was a step for me to put that on the blog...another step to put the blog on Facebook. I now have a handful of friends and family members that know about this goal which will help keep me honest and keep me motivated.

That handful is about to overflow! I won't give details yet, you will have to come back next week to see what I'm droning on about...but.... boy oh boy....I really have put it all out there!

In the meantime, all this talk of goals and running and I have yet to get out more than once this week!! I really need to come up with a scheduling strategy. Right now the kids have been off of school, but once they are back, things get pretty busy. I'm hoping to start making use of my friends offers to go for a run at night some time ...don't be surprised if you get a call from me soon!

Heading into the weekend I'm hoping to chase down a few kms and come up with a solid plan for the coming week.
But as all moms know, the best laid plans...usually gets squashed by someone puking in the middle of the night.

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