Saturday, January 1, 2011


Another year over, a new one just begun!

How did you survive 2010? Are you looking forward to 2011 with new goals, ambitions and accomplishments? I am!

I have to update on the close of my 2010. I technically ended the 30 day challenge on Dec. 30. Working out 30mins (minimum) each day for 30 days, right through the holidays. And yes, I did work out on Christmas day.

I admit that most days I did the minimum of 30 mins., but those were the days that I would normally not do anything at all...something is always better than nothing. Not only do I end 2010 with a sense of accomplishment, I feel healthy and fit and the best part....5 lbs lighter!!
I didn't intend on losing weight, but I guess that would be a side effect of exercising every day. I really thought all the cookies and wine would have counteracted the weight loss. Bonus!
I've managed to continue the daily exercise because I really don't have a good reason to stop! I feel great and I'm glad I've stuck to something so long. Hopefully it will continue and become a good habit for life.

Now on to bigger and better things. I have big plans for 2011, mostly to do with running and organizing my life. The running part is easier.

My goal for 2011 is to run 1,011 kms! There...I said it, it's out in cyberspace and now I have to stick to it. I plan to use this blog and the dailymile website to help keep track. I'm sure there will be times (days, weeks, months) that I will struggle. I hope you can lend support and motivation. If I know someone is reading this, it will help keep me honest!

I figure it would be about 20kms a week, which is were I peaked last summer. If I can maintain that and possibly increase my mileage (as I have other ambitions to be mentioned at a later date), I should be able to reach that target.
I started my new year off great:
  • slept in until 11am (unheard of since I was in my teens)
  • lounged around in my pj's way into the afternoon
  • went for a run in the rare +9 degree weather
I admit, it was hard to get out the door, but Mr. B encouraged "you'll feel better once you do it" and that was all I needed. In fact, once I walked down my driveway I was grateful to be out, it was soooo warm! Then when I started running, I kinda had a stupid smile on my face. Why? Cause I really like to run and I was so grateful to be able to do it.

The whole 6kms was my time to reflect on me and my goals. I felt strong, healthy and very happy. I hope you enjoyed your first day as much as I have. Did you set yourself up for any goals/resolutions? How are you going to keep them? Please share!

Here's to a great year....Cheers!


Alanna said...

Thanks for your nice comments! I look forward to following your journey this year. :)

Leisa said...

Hi Cathy! You are an inspiration, girl! I started running during the summer and went until the end of Oct...didn't run races but really enjoyed it. My dad had some medical issues in Oct which totally derailled me but not anymore! I will get back on that wagon. And my goal will be to get to Niagara and complete a race with my old friend Cathy! :-)