Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Won!!

I'm so excited...I won something!

With special thanks to Kelly over at Secrets of a Running Mom I am the winner of her coaching giveaway.
That's right...she's just giving coaching away...for free (one of my favourite words).

I will be getting personal online coaching for my running goals for three months!!! I've never had a coach before, I've never had someone tell me what to do and when to do it (running related that is...get your mind outta the gutter).
I'm so excited...can you tell? What a week. Besides the crazy snow, I've managed to run three times this week and got in 20kms.
Also, the whole newspaper article thing..which is just crazy.

And....Mr. B came home yesterday and surprised me with these bad boys.

Now I have super, snow running power...kinda. My long run today was completely non-slip.

Me: 1
Snow and Ice: 0

I'm excited to share with you my coaching experience. If you are new here and learned about me through Kelly's site...welcome! Please leave a comment letting me know you found me.


Kittee I am a Runner! :) said...

Congrats on winning... I won too!!!! I am so excited to start. I found you from Kelly's Blog Looking foward to following your journey..

Anonymous said...

winning free coaching AND snow grippie things??!! sounds like an awesome day to me!!

congrats :)