Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday

Here are the latest diddy's I can't seem to get out of my head....

Foo Fighters: Walk

Okay...I have officially been 'Foo'-ed. I have never been a huge Foo fan, but one listen and you can't help but join the following. These guys know how to rock! The middle section of the song when he wails..."I never wanna die, I'm on my knees, I never wanna die..."  intense!!!
I have always had respect for Dave Grohl since his Nirvana days. It's only taken me , like 15 years to figure out he's still got it. Recently, Mr. B and I found the Foo Fighter documentry on cable and good sucked into the story of the band. There is some serious history with these boys and it's great to see them all grown up with responsibilites like wives and kids but still have an edge to them. I have found myself revisiting old Foo songs to find that same edge that I may have overlooked before. If you like this, check out Learning to Fly and The Best of You.
Bonus: Foo Fighter videos...these guys have a great sense of humour. As gritty and raw their songs are their videos are funny and lightweight. You can tell they just like to play music and have a good time. The Learning to Fly video is worth watching just for the characters all the band members play.

Arkells: Whistleblower

This is a great song from a Canadian band from Hamilton, ON. I swear, great music lives down the street from me! I've been impressed with most of the stuff I've heard from them the past couple years. I don't know too much about them, but if you like this, check out: "Oh, the Boss is coming" which is on replay when I run and "Pulling Punches", which has a great beat for keeping a good pace.  Sorry about the video on this song, I guess they don't have an 'official' video on Youtube yet.

The Reason: Where do we go from here?

And yet another Hamilton, On band making waves in the music scene. They're getting some good airplay on our Toronto station and I'm okay with that. I can't get enough of this song. I look forward to other stuff they might have coming out. But this song, well it's just awesome. It's catchy and I love the lyrics, kinda running related...'where do we go from here...we trudge along, the only road we know...' I guess any song can be turned into a running related song if you think hard enough.

That's all I got for now....what's new on your playlist?

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