Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tiny Brick

I'm not even sure if it qualifies as a brick at all, it's just so small...

Last night the kids were sleeping over at Grandma's so Mr. B and I had a nice grown up dinner. Afterwards we didn't really have plans and no kids so I did what every sane mother of two kids would do....

I went for a run!

I headed out at about 7:30pm, which is earlier than I normally would with the kids at home (after bedtime of course). It was so nice out, warm but not too humid, daylight but not sunny, sun slowly starting to drip down the skyline. As beautiful as it was I just wasn't feeling the run.

I promised myself to be out for at least 20mins, but at about 5 mins in I realized I reeeaaallllyyy had to go pee. For those of you who know me, your probably are not surprised by this and even wonder how I function during the day without going to the bathroom every 5 mins. However, it was just the excuse I needed to head back home early.

I came home, made my 'pit stop' and immediately headed out again, but this time on my bike! That's right, I'm hard core like that. I strapped on my helmet and rode that baby up some serious hills. Things you should know:
1) Mr. B 'surprised' me with the bike a couple years ago after he found it by the dumpster at work
2) The last bike ride I took was last month with Mr. B
3) The time before that was about, oh...20 years ago!!!

I don't what I was thinking, but I sure did like the change of pace, a much faster pace too. Bikes go really fast downhill!

So that was my brick...15min run + 20 min bike ride

I even considered going for another run after I got back on the bike, but then I opted to try walking to the mailbox first and realized my legs were not ready for a duathlon...yet!!


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