Saturday, March 5, 2011


There's a few things that have been on my mind lately. I usually come up with my blog posts while I'm out running, but sometimes they don't fully get fleshed out and I abandon (forget) about them as soon as the Saucony's are off. So, here are the beginning of some of my mindless thoughts in my head as I run or when I'm thinking about running, thoughts that didn't quite have enough meat on them for a full post...yet!

1) Speaking of Saucony's my brand new shoes got a hole in them already! I'd like to say it was from my awesome distance runs, but really after only four weeks of owning them I don't think I wore them out. I have to say I was pleased with the service at the Running Room, as they tracked down my shoe and size and did an easy exchange. Customer service rates pretty highly in my books...thank you Running Room for not letting me down.

2) I have been increasing my distance. I ran a 13K last longest run ever!! I am so happy with my training with Coach Kelly. She has been flexible, understanding and has answered my million and one questions. She noticed that I wasn't getting all my scheduled weekly runs in (mostly due to weather), so she adjusted the schedule for just 3 runs a week. Sadly, I might only get two done this week (I'm pathetic). Tomorrow is a 14K on the calendar and I'm eager to test out Kelly's latest advice...ICE BATH!! I will update on that.

3) Mother Nature is my sworn enemy. This woman has got in for me. It seems that every time she eases up on the snow/'s my rest day. Then when I have, oh let's just say, the longest run of my life on tap...she kicks it in high gear with the rain/snow/wind and the windchill. Seriously, MN...get off my back and get spring goin' already!

4) I started this blog because I had been inspired by the many women runners in the blog-o-sphere. Mostly these are other moms that run. Their stories showed me how anything is possible...even when you have children. One such blogger is Tonia over at Racing With Babes. This woman is a dynamo. She once wrote about a virtual 40 MILES...yes miles... she did just for fun!! Anyway...T left me a comment on my last post!! I was so excited, I felt like a pre-teen girl getting a wink from the Biebs himself...if that puts it into context for you. If you haven't already, check out her blog (it's listed on my blogroll). She rocks and you might get an idea of why I'm setting my sights on bigger and better things.

5) When I first started running I was very self conscience about how I looked running. I'm not saying that the feeling hasn't gone away completely, but I've definitely taken a 'I don't really care what others think' kinda approach now. In the last few weeks I've noticed an older gentleman 'running' around our town. I'm hesitant to call it running as the first time I saw him it looked like he was being chased down by the fuzz. I actually had to watch from my car for a bit to make sure he wasn't going to collapse. He's got his arms flailing, his leaned forward, his face is beet red and I don't think he cares! Once I realized that he was in fact running for himself (and not away from a rabid dog), I'm actually reminded that running is a personal thing, it's not for anyone else but you. Kinda reminds me of the Friends episode when Rachel and Phoebe go for a run.

That's about it for now. Let me know if you want further details or updates of any of my random thoughts. Also, wish me luck on my long run tomorrow. MN has decided to add snow and rain in a 24 hour period, so I'm super excited...but at least I have brand new shoes...again.

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britt. said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE that Friends episode! And I totally agree, I used to be self-conscious of how I looked as well, but have learned to kind of forget about it.
Mother Nature does suck - Casey and I ran in TO yesterday and got CAUGHT in the rain, I'm talking drenchedddd...I was not a happy camper. Think Im more of a fair-weather runner.

Great post! You're too funny!! (haha laughed out loud at the JBeibs comment!)