Saturday, March 19, 2011

Misery loves Company

I must've made a big deal about my lack of motivation, or a least whined loud enough for most people to hear, because it's paid off.

Thank you to everyone who left me kind words and comments. It was great to know how many people have faith in my abilities (even when I don't) and how many of you have (or are) in the same boat.

That being said I had three runs planned this week with no kids to worry about. They spent time at grandma and grandpa's this week (march break) so I thought I should have no excuses for not running. What was an even better surprise was that Mr. B decided to run with me.

Me: I have to run 6K tonight.
Mr. B: Maybe I'll go with you... depends how I feel after playing ball hockey
Me: Oh, well, in that case I could do 4K instead?
Mr. B: Okay, after work we'll run.

I tried hard to not make a big deal out of this, if any of you know how big this is, you know how big my happy dance was. It was a very enjoyable 4K, a little fast at times. Mr. B is a foot and 1/2 taller than me and has very long legs. My pace was a little slow for him, but after 3K he was happy to slow it down. I did not take any pictures of this event as he would have thought it was weird and he would never agree to it again.

I heard about his sore legs for a few days afterward too. I did a little dance at that too...on the inside.

I also managed to get my 6K in on St. Patrick's Day. I knew that if I didn't do it before the green beer, it was definitely not happening after the green beer! I've decided that Fridays are a really great day for a rest day.

Tomorrow is my long run and I have made a date to meet my friend Britt for most of the run. She is training for a 1/2 marathon in May, so she is working on building her mileage right now. I'm so excited to have someone to run with for the majority of this distance.  Misery loves company.

The only thing threatening my run tomorrow is a nasty stomach bug that has landed on our front porch. Right now, only Dee has been effected, but we all know how things like this ain't good news for any of us. I must go now and attend to my 'mom' duties of hair holding. Poor girl.

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Matt Pavone said...

Good stuff, keep it up! See if you can go for the 'your house to my house' run!