Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

This week the kids are still off of school, so we did what most wonderful parents would do...shipped them off to Grandma's! It's a bit of a luxury to have Grandparents that are so involved with our kids and voluntarily take them for days at a time. We are truly blessed. And a little giddy too.
When the kids are away it's mine and Mr. B's time to pretend like newlyweds. We come home from work and have a full evening of unplanned-ness before us. And what do we do with all this free time?
Get your mind outta the gutter....

We go for a run!

I've mentioned in the past how epic it is when Mr. B. suggests that we run together. It's something that is few and far between. Yesterday, being our first kid-free night, we were deciding what to do.

Mr. B: We should go for a run.
Me: Hmmmm.... (on the inside I'm saying...YES!!! of course I'd love a running date)
Me:'s supposed to be really cold tonight
Mr. B: Like you've never run in the cold before
Me: Yes, but not lately.
Mr. B: It will feel good...fresh air and all
Me: It's too cold. Let's go tomorrow instead. If I was training for a race and absolutely had to run, then yes, but I'm not so

Okay a word about the weather here.  We live in Southern Ontario, and although it is Canada we have been having unseasonably warm winter so far.
And I love it.
Winter on the plus of problem.
Green Christmas...bring it.
No 'powder' for skiing...I don't care.

But yesterday was a quick and harsh cold snap with temps dipping to -15C with a windchill of -25C. Which is dangerous if you aren't used to it. But...where we live you just have to wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. In this case, 24 hours.

Today was a downright balmy 0. So tonight was a brisk -2C...perfect running weather. Although I still bundled up like a sausage for my run. By the end of our 5K I was a little warm and sweaty. Perfect.

Weather for Beamsville, ON

0°C | °F
Partly SunnyPartly SunnyCloudyPartly Sunny

Wind: W at 19 km/h

Humidity: 69%-5°-4°

Even more perfect was sharing the run with my husband. A rare thing indeed.

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Liz said...

I nearly skipped a run last night becuase it was cold. But I went, and like you, I was glad I did. How lovely to run with your husband!