Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9 and weekend recap

The weekend proved to be challenging for the 30 day program I set up for myself. With the increase of family get togethers and the pressure of getting holiday 'stuff' organized, I am finding less time to exercise. But that was the whole point of this 30 mins/day challenge.

It is the craziest time of the year and it's just too easy to put everything on hold unitl after the holidays. The problem is, after the holidays is when I regret that I put everything on hold. Enough whining and sweat already.

Saturday was the Santa Claus Parade and even though I was planning on counting the parade walking as my 'workout' I did sneak in a quick upper body weight workout...just for fun. Although later I came to regret that ( more on that later). The parade was great and after spending 3 hours in the cold weather walking up and down (even jogging a little) a 5Km route I was so tired and spent. But we had to clean up the rec. centre and I helped put away tables. Which were too heavy for me after my 'fun' upper body workout earlier in the day.

Sunday was a family get together and I fit in a 30 min. run...exactly 30mins. because that is all I had time for. It was very cold and crisp and I was pretty tired still from the day before.  However, I did it and had no second thoughts of having two desserts that night.

Monday I was plagued by a nagging sore neck that I attributed to the lifitng of tables after having a long tiring day. I figured if I laid off the weights for a bit it would work itself out. WRONG (more on that later).!!
I rode the stationary bike for an hour, watching re-run of Glee, which kept me groovin'.
Tuesday I thought I should ease up a bit as my neck was still sore, so I kept it to deep yoga stretches for my legs and hips...staying away from anything with my neck.
Tuesday night my little one woke up at 10pm vomiting and continued to vomit every half hour until 6am. We were both exhausted. She bounced back during the day, but I admit that I'm not as 'bouncy' as I should be.

Heading into this weekend I hope that:
  • everyone in my family remains healthy
  • I get majority of my holiday shopping done
  • I get at least one run in
  • my neck starts to feel better
I also have a dinner out with Mr. B. planned inter-mixed with some shopping. And possibly getting some baking done with a friend on Sunday. Busy, busy, busy!

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