Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Day Challenge

So here's the deal....

Today marks the beginning of the end. Not to sound so dramatic but it is the first day of the last month of the year. And what a year. As I look back I am proud of my accomplishments in the past year. I've had a healthy happy family, I have a job (or two) that I enjoy and more importantly enjoy the people at said jobs. Also I've made 'strides' in my fitness goals. As mentioned before I've overcome some minor milestones in my running, but I've also maintained a level of fitness throughout the year and I attribute that to running.

Also, as I've mentioned before the frequency of my running takes a serious nosedive in the winter months. It's dark, it's cold and really, after a summer of 'training' for something every six weeks, I just need a break. But....not too long of a break. Usually I don't start running again until sometime in February and by then all the holiday 'cheer' has made my clothes too tight and the lack of exercise had made this mama miserable.

In comes the challenge. Inspired by a co-worker that is doing the P90X (which is crazy commitment and I can't do that) I thought that I should kick up my routine a notch during this month. I was also inspired by the regular postings of my two favourite mom/runners/writers at Run Like a Mother, who challenged readers to make a goal for December to help with the mind/body/motherhood balance during the holidays.

So, now that I've kept you waiting....I have challenged myself, and anyone else who is up for this, to perform some form of exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days. I am giving myself if the gift of health, by making time for myself (well, 30 minutes) everyday, to take care of me.

I have to say when I first thought of it I didn't consider that it would include Christmas day, but yes, why not? I'm sure my kids don't mind waiting to open gifts until mommy has finished a 5 miler, right? All part of the challenge.

I will try to track my progress through this blog but I also hope the others will join me on this as I know there will be days that 30 minutes will seem impossible and I will need a kick in the a$$ friend.

There are really no rules, just the ones you put on yourself. I have set these 'guidelines' for myself:
  • Exercise can include cardiovascular, yoga/Pilate's stretching or weight/strength training or combinations of everything.
  • 30 minutes is the time of actual movement (not the changing, showering, hunting for dusty hand weights) and it's only a minimum time, ideally I'm aiming for 45-60mins.
  • 30 minutes can also come in 3 10 minute segments through the day. I know this seems like cheating but there is proof it works well.
  • I am also looking to maintain a running schedule. I'm not sure how that will go yet, but hopefully one short (4-5K) and one long (7-10K) per week. But even as I'm writing this I'm skeptical.
The goal is to come out of the holidays happy, healthy, sane and celebrating the end of a great year.

There it is....30 minutes for 30 days.
Are you in?

1/12: 35 mins riding a bike nowhere followed by some deep stretching for ITB and hams.

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