Monday, November 22, 2010

The Elusive sub-30

Considering I only started my running 'career' just over two years ago, I should not be concerned with breaking records. Unless they are my own. I have been frustrated with the fact that although I can put one foot in front of the other, and I can do it without tripping or fainting from exhaustion, I thought that I could slowly improve the efficiency at which I can run. In other words, I thought that I would be running faster by now.
In the beginning I was so proud to be able to finish a 5K run. Once I got the distance down, I figured I should be able to do it faster but no matter what I did I was always running a plus 30min. 5K. Every race, that 30mins was staring at me...laughing at me as I crossed the finish line.

I started challenging myself to get faster. When that didn't really pan out, I figured I was more the slow and steady type. I challenged myself to train and run a 10K. That training made me realize just how do-able longer distances are (for the average person).
In 2010 my goals were to race more often in order to get rid of the race day jitters. I planned out several 5Ks and one 10K to really focus on. I stuck to the training schedule and in June I managed to shave off 9 minutes off of my first 10K!!
Then the light went on...ah-ha! I have to train hard and consistantly to get the results I want.

In September I raced my favourite 5K. The Run for the Grapes. It's my favourite because
  • 1) it was my first (you always remember your first)
  • 2) it is during grape and wine festival (reason to celebrate with wine afterwards)
  • 3) it's flat ('nuf said).
Although I didn't specificially train for the 5K, I kept up my long runs from my summer training. And lo and behold a new PR. I took almost 2 minutes off my previous PR and took at least 3 minutes off my usual time.
2010 turned out to be a year of Personal Records (for me!)
Never again should I have an excuse to do a plus 30 5K race. I say that now, but come spring I will have lots of excuses.

I raced on November 13th. The last race of the season. I wanted to make sure I tried to get as many races in as I could before the snow comes. I'll do a race re-cap of that soon.
So that's a little history of my running/racing. I can move forward with my goals/dreams for next year (or next week). 

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